The Best Zero Waste Beauty Brands to Try in India

zero waste beauty brands

Last Updated on August 17, 2021

The Zero Waste movement is gaining momentum all over the world and for the right reasons. We need to stop plastic pollution by reducing the use of single-use plastics on a day-to-day basis. And opting for zero waste beauty brands is just one tiny step that can help.

Although a small part, but plastic waste generated from the beauty industry needs to be addressed. We discard countless tubes and lotion bottles in the trash every year, most of which go unrecycled. All this waste generated could be reduced by using more sustainable, biodegradable packaging options.

DIY products are the most efficient way to minimize waste from your routine, but it may not be a possible option for everyone due to lack of time and knowledge.

In such a case, you have to rely on sustainable brands in the market that cater to your needs.

Below are 7 such brands that will help you minimize plastic waste from your personal care routine.

Zero Waste Beauty Brands in India

1. Bare Necessities

This is the ultimate zero waste home care and personal care brand in India. All the Bare Necessities products come packaged in either glass or paper without any frills.

The product range includes personal care, dental care, home care and other zero waste lifestyle products. Everything from skincare, bath products to resusable makeup removal wipes.

And as a cherry on top, they even take back empty containers and offer a discount on your next order.

Shop Bare Necessities products from Vanity Wagon

(Get 20% Discount with code DEMURE20).

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2. Raw Beauty

Raw Beauty is a Jalandhar based indie body care brand started by Sunaina. She makes some amazingly effective organic formulations for skin, hair and body.

All the products are packaged in glass jars and bottles. Also, the products are shipped wrapped in newspapers instead of plastic bubble wrap.

She recently introduced biodegradable refill packs for powder products (Like the Neemoi Cleanser reviewed here ) making it easy for people who are unable to recycle glass jars.

You can purchase Raw Beauty products from their website or Instagram.

Raw Beauty Tinted Lip Lock Lip Balm review

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3. Earth Rhythm (Soapworks India)

Another zero waste beauty brand in India with a variety of personal care products from solid perfumes, facemasks, body butter, soaps etc. All Earth Rhythm products are packaged in tin, glass or cardboard.

They use newspapers to stuff their parcel instead of bubble wrap and seal them using paper duct-tapes. The packaging is thus completely plastic-free.

Earth Rhythm also launched solid hair conditioner bars, an amazing option to reduce plastic waste from your hair care routine.

Buy Earth Rhythm products on Amazon or Vanity Wagon (Use code DEMURE20 for 20% off on your orders)

P.s Earth Rhythm recently changed a few of their product packaging to plastic . So please check before buying.

earth rhythm cleansing buff

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4. Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is India’s first organic brand to have its entire product range certified according to Ecocert Cosmos V3 Standard.

They have a huge range of personal care and baby care products sold in glass and cardboard containers(except shampoo bottles). And the best part is they have a recycling program where you can send back empty bottles for store credit points.

Browse Juicy Chemistry products on their website. Use code “DEMURE10” to get 10% off on your orders.

juicy chemistry makeup remover review

5. Burst of Happyness

A natural bath and body care brand with eco-friendly and bio-degradable products. Their products contain only cold-pressed oils, raw butters, essential oils, herbs and clays.

These products are packed in recyclable containers. The soaps are packed in fabric pouches while other products like scrubs, deodorants etc. are packed in glass containers. To add, Burst of Happyness is transparent about all the ingredients used in their products.

Buy Burst of Happyness products on Amazon.

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6. Vilvah

Vilvah has become one of the leading sustainable beauty brands in India. Their formulations are highly effective and made using organic and Ecocert approved synthetic ingredients.

They have a range of cold-processed soaps, haircare, skincare etc. All these are packaged in aluminum containers or glass bottles that are recyclable.

Browse their collection on Vanity Wagon. Discount code: DEMURE20

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7. Treewear

Treewear is a zero waste beauty brand that focuses on recycling and upcycling philosophy. Along with natural insect repellants, deodorants and lip balms, they also offer organic clothing for both men and women.

Plus, every time you shop from them, they promise to plant a tree too!

Available on Amazon on Vanity Wagon.

If you don’t plan to buy products from such zero waste beauty brands, for any reason whatsoever, make sure you at least reuse or recycle the plastic containers.

Try buying the biggest size available and shop locally to reduce shipping materials. Another option is to request the seller to ship your products with minimal or no plastic packaging.

Remember, sustainability is all about the 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Know other zero waste beauty brands in India? Comment below and let us know. Also, share how you plan to reduce waste from your beauty routine.

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zero waste beauty brands india
zero waste beauty brands india

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  1. Thanks for this list! Happy to see the beauty industry in India stepping up and doing their bit.
    Foxy is another zero waste beauty brand that I know of.

  2. I was researching about it too, and stumbled upon this post, very helpful post, I’m bookmarking it for future reference.

    I also discovered that plum and dot and key also take back their containers. They have a form mentioned on their website, we have to just fill it and send back the products.

    1. A lot of brands are now taking back their containers so it is a wonderful initiative. Let’s hope more brands join the bandwagon.

  3. Thanks for providing such a great information guys.

    It was very hard to find this kinda brand in India.. easily findable in foreign countries..

    I have done research on plastic pollution

    It’s took me 5-6 months to complete research on this..but still learnings more.

    (Research done by studying reports from various governmental boards and non-profit organizations and working with medical institutes)

    And finding a solution and alternative of plastics which we use in our daily life..
    So personally I have reduced 80% plastic in daily life or home life😀
    The only 20% was left that’s cosmetics skin care and bathroom essentials..
    So now I find this in India.. thanks again.

    So after this I’m guiding people by delivering lecture on plastic pollution..

    Till now individually I have already delivered many lecture or session on it at many places..
    Eg.. societies, school, or Pvt companies without help or anyone..

    I charge 1 or 2 cup of coffee or chaai as my lecture or session fee..

    I’m on Instagram as @hawkgrylls.

    Follow me to know more about environment conservation and Learn how to reduce plastic from your daily life.

  4. Thanks for this info. This is what I was looking for.trying to reduce plastic usage in daily life. Will try them.

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