7 Best Vitamin C Serums in India That Are Clean Too!

Last Updated on August 5, 2020

Vitamin C Serum is one of the most sought after skincare product in everyone’s routine these days. And why not, it can help you get clear, glowing and radiant skin.

I personally started using one 6 months ago and have seen the difference in my skin. My acne scars seem to be fading away much faster now.

If you have been looking for a brand that is clean and transparent about their ingredient list, this post is for you. I have put together 7 product recommendations that you can choose from to incorporate all the goodness and benefits of Vitamin C in your skincare routine.

How to Choose The Best Vitamin C Serum For Your Skin.

There are different derivatives of Vitamin C used to formulate serums. If you are not sure what to pick, I recommend reading my previous post where I have shared a guide to help you buy the right Vitamin C serum for your skin concerns.

7 Best Vitamin C Serums Available in India

1. Vaunt Vitamin C Water

This is the best Vitamin C serum for beginners in India. Made with 5% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, it has a toner-like consistency which makes it easy to layer in your skincare.

Vanut Vitamin C Water also contains other skin lightening ingredients like liquorice and amla. So it is good starter serum for acne scars and pigmentation.

Available on Vanity Wagon. Use code DEMURE15 for 15% off.

vaunt  best vitamin c serum india

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2. Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Serum

A luxurious serum made with 12% 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic acid and has a gel-like texture that absorbs easily into the skin. The ingredient list also boasts of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, witch hazel and aloe vera extracts which help soothe, brighten and hydrate your skin.

The Neemli Naturals Vitamin C serum is ideal for skin brightening and improving your skin’s texture.

Available on Vanity Wagon. Use code DEMURE15 for 15% off.

3. Earth Rhythm Multivitamin Age Defense Serum

This is a dupe for the famous Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serum as it has 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, 1 % Vitamin E and 0.5 % Ferulic acid. This ingredient combination is said to be great for sun protection, skin brightening as well as delaying signs of ageing.

Pick this if you want a Vitamin C serum that is capable of doing everything for you- reduce spots and pigmentation, reduce free radical damage, stimulate collagen, even out skin and more.

Available on Amazon

4. Vya Naturals Age Defying and Brightening Serum

Vya Natural’s serum is non-greasy and made with 20% 3-0-ethyl-ascorbic acid. So it is a good choice if you are looking to lighten dark spots and fade acne scars.

The serum also has witch hazel, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid which will help hydrate your skin. Buy this if you need an affordable vegan Vitamin C serum for skin brightening and environmental protection.

Available on Amazon

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5. Suganda Antioxidant serum

This antioxidant-rich serum from Suganda has 10% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate along with curcumin and Gotu kola extracts. It has a pH of 6 which is skin-friendly and should help protect your skin from free radical damage as well even out your skin tone.

6. Earth Rhythm Clear Skin Serum

Another Vitamin C Serum from Earth Rhythm. This one has 20% Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate along with hyaluronic acid. Go with this if your key concern is delaying fine lines, fading scars and protecting your skin from free radical damage.

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7. Kaira Naturals Magic Mud

Okay, this may not be in a serum form but it deserves to be on this list as the face mask contains 20% L-ascorbic Acid. So that makes it worthy to be counted as a Vitamin C treatment for your skin.

The face mask also has other ingredients like licorice and seabuckthorn berry powder which are known to help fade hyperpigmentation. So count on this Mud mask to even out your skin tone and give your glowing skin.

Buy this on shopkairanaturals.com. Use code DEMURE10 for 10% discount on your orders.

Know other Vitamin C serums in India that are clean? Do share them in the comments below.

best vitamin c serum indi)

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best vitamin c serum indi)
best vitamin c serum indi)

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