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12 Best Vitamin C Serums To Target Dark Spots And Wrinkles

Last Updated on April 2, 2024

If you are searching for the best Vitamin C serums for facce in India that will transform your skin, this guide is just what you need.

In the world of skincare, Vitamin C is the little powerhouse ingredient that can transform your skin by tackling multiple concerns like dark posts, dullness and even signs of ageing! A fantastic way to incorporate the benefits of Vitamin C into your skincare routine is through serums.

Today, we’re looking into the best Vitamin C serums available in India. But before we get into the juicy details, let’s talk about why Vitamin C serums are creating such a stir.

Key Benefits Of Using Vitamin C Serum For Face

  • Fights Hyperpigmentation

Vitamin C serums are like a glow elixir for your skin. They work by inhibiting melanin production to help fade dark spots, acne scars and sun tan, leaving you with brighter, even-toned skin. If you’re looking for a natural way to achieve that youthful glow, Vitamin C is the answer.

  • Boosts Collagen Production

One of the incredible benefits of Vitamin C is its ability to boost collagen production. Collagen is essential for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of your skin. As you age, your skin naturally loses collagen, leading to sagging and wrinkles. Vitamin C steps in to stimulate collagen production, keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

  • Defends Against Sun Damage

Sun damage and free radicals are the arch-nemeses of your skin. They can cause dark spots, premature ageing and sun tan. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that protects your skin from harmful UV rays and the damaging effects of free radicals. It’s like having an additional layer of sun protection alongside sunscreen.

How to Choose The Best Vitamin C Serum For Your Skin.

There are different derivatives of Vitamin C used to formulate serums. If you are not sure what to pick, I recommend reading this detailed guide to understand how to pick the right Vitamin C serum for your skin concerns.

But here are some key things to keep in mind while buying Vitamin C serums.

  1. Right Packaging: The packaging of your Vitamin C serum matters more than you might think. Vitamin C is sensitive to light and air, which can degrade its effectiveness. Look for serums in dark, airtight bottles for best results.
  2. Concentration: Consider the percentage of Vitamin C in the serum. Most serums contain 5-30% Vitamin C. If you’re a beginner, pick with formula with a low concentration and gradually increase it based on how your skin responds.
  3. Supporting Actives: Look for serums with supporting actives in skin-friendly formulations. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, and antioxidants complement the benefits of Vitamin C. For those with sensitive skin, steer clear of additives such as synthetic fragrances and high alcohol content.

12 Best Vitamin C Serums Available in India

deconstruct vitamin c serum for face

1. Deconstruct Vitamin C Serum

Deconstruct Vitamin C serum for face has 10% 3-0 Ethyl Ascorbic Acid and 0.5% ferulic acid, a combination that works well together in fighting sun damage, reducing pigmentation, and brightening the skin.

The serum is lightweight and easily gets absorbed into the skin without feeling sticky. It also has ingredients like hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, and glycerin to improve hydration. The formula is vegan, fragrance-free, and will suit all skin types.

vaunt vitamin c water

2. Vaunt Vitamin C Water

This is the best Vitamin C serum for beginners in India. Made with 5% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, it has a toner-like consistency which makes it easy to layer into your skincare routine.

Vaunt Vitamin C Water also contains other skin-lightening ingredients like licorice and amla. So it is a good serum to buy if you have acne-prone skin like me and need to get rid of acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

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3. Plum Mandarin and Vitamin C Glow Boost Serum

This affordable serum From Plum has 15% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. It helps reduce pigmentation, dark spots, and oxidative damage caused by the sun to give you brighter, even-toned, skin.

The formula is vegan and also has Kakadu plum extract, rose extract and mandarin peel extract to support Vitamin C in giving you a smoother, brighter complexion.

4. Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Serum

If you are looking for the best Vitamin C serum for plump, bright skin, give this a try. It’s a luxurious serum made with 12% 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic acid and has a gel-like texture that absorbs easily into the skin.

The ingredient list also boasts of glycerin, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, green tea, witch hazel, and aloe vera extracts which help soothe, brighten and hydrate your skin. So the Neemli Naturals serum is a great pick to improve your overall skin health.

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5. Suganda Antioxidant Serum

This antioxidant-rich serum from Suganda has 10% Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate along with curcumin and Gotu kola extracts. It has a pH of 6 which is skin-friendly and hence will minimize the chances of skin irritation.

Like other Vitamin C serums, this will help protect your skin from free radical damage as well as even out your skin tone.

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6. Juicy Chemistry Vitamin C Serum

Juicy Chemistry’s Ecocert Certified Natural Vitamin C is made with cellular extracts of Kakadu Plum in a water-glycerin matrix. It is a unique serum since it only has kakadu plum extract which is the richest natural source of Vitamin C.

It is great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin types as it is extremely gentle and has various antioxidants that help protect your skin from sun damage and fade hyperpigmentation. Even beginners can try this out since it is very gentle on the skin.

7. Conscious Chemist VIVID C Pro-Collagen Serum

If keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay is your primary skincare goal, this serum has 10% 3-O Ethyl-Ascorbic Acid along with peptides to support collagen levels in your skin.

It also has turmeric extract, hyaluronic acid, carrot seed extract and Vitamin E to fight damage inflicted on your skin by sun rays, a leading cause of premature skin ageing.

8. Pulp Day After Binge Serum

This is a potent serum with a 3.8 pH that has 20% L-Ascorbic Acid along with ferulic acid, an antioxidant that works well with Vitamin C. It also has hydrating ingredients like kale, red algae and Saccharide Isomerate.

This serum will brighten your skin to get rid of dull skin and reduce the appearance of sun damage and signs of ageing. It is not a beginner-friendly serum and is best for people who have already used Vitamin C serum before.

9. Vaunt VC-12 Intermediate Serum

This lightweight, non-sticky serum has 12% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Centella Asiatica, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to brighten your skin, fade dark spots and dark circles, and support collagen production in the skin.

The formula is suitable for all skin types and can be easily layered with other serums due to its watery consistency.

10. Koko Chemistry Vitamin C 20% Facial Serum

This lightweight serum has 20% Vitamin 3-O Ethyl-Ascorbic Acid along with Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid to improve skin elasticity and collagen synthesis and reduce hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

It also has natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, carrot oil, mulberry extract and licorice root to hydrate, soothe, brighten and protect the skin. This serum is a great choice for people who don’t want to layer multiple products as the serum also moisturizes the skin..

11. Daughter Earth Glow Dew Serum

This newly launched serum from Daughter Earth has 20% L-Ascorbic acid along with Ginseng and Turmeric to give you brighter, glowing skin. It also has ferulic acid which helps improve the effectiveness of Vitamin C in fighting signs of ageing.

The Glow Dew serum will keep your skin hydrated as it has glycerin and hyaluronic acid making it a great choice for dry skin too.

12. Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum

This Korean sunscreen harnesses the natural power of pure vitamin C extracts to repair and revitalize your skin. Infused with peptides, centella asiatica and 5% Vitamin C, it fades brown spots and pigmentation while also hydration skin to reveal a radiant, youthful complexion.

The fragrance-free, hypoallergenic formula with a skin-friendly pH ensures a safe and non-irritating experience for beginners as well. Use it every day to hydrate, brighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Vitamin C Serum FAQs

How to use Vitamin C Serum?

After cleansing and toning your skin, apply a few drops of serum on your face and gently pat it in. Follow up with your moisturizer.

Can I use Vitamin C Serum every day?

Yes, you can use it every day. The best time to use it is in the morning as it enhances sun protection, but you may also use it in the evening.

Where to store Vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C can oxidize quickly if exposed to light and heat. So store it in a cold, dark place away from windows or other sources of light and heat.

Are there any side effects of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin but always patch test a formula before use to check for any irritation or allergic reaction to other ingredients in the formula.

Can I layer Vitamin C and AHA serum together?

You can use Vitamin C in the morning and other actives like AHA/BHA, and retinol in the evening to minimize chances of irritation.

How long does it take for Vitamin C serum to work?

While individual results may vary, most people witness visible improvements in skin texture and tone after 3-4 weeks of consistent use. For best results, incorporate the serum into your daily skincare routine and use it consistently to let the product work.

best vitamin c serum indi)

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best vitamin c serum indi)
best vitamin c serum indi)

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