Hey! I am Rutu .

A beauty enthusiast and freelance writer from Mumbai, India. I started this Demure Beauty blog to simplify your life and empower you with knowledge to meet your beauty goals.

How did it all start?

My journey towards better skin and hair started when I turned a teenager. With puberty came acne, and with acne came insecurities. 

And to make things complicated, the acne left behind small brown spots (PIH) on my face. That’s when I started looking for ways to get rid of those pesky pimples and spots.

I did not have access to high-end products and the cheap drugstore products available locally were just not working! 

So I started resorting to wearing makeup everyday  to cover up the skin. I wouldn’t dream stepping out without a compact powder( I wasn’t introduced to sunscreens yet so the perpetual tanning made things worse).

Over the years, I have become more comfortable with the way my skin looks. These days I usually step out barefaced on most days but love how little makeup helps me feel confident.

The discovery of beauty blogs

In 2013, I came across beauty blogs and have never looked back. The blogging community came to my rescue and I spent hours everyday scrolling through articles after articles.

 I found solutions for most of my problems and learnt how to take care of my skin and hair correctly. Science was my least favorite subject in school yet reading about our skin’s psysiology became my favourite thing to do.

So I decided to make my own little corner in the blogging world by starting this Demure Beauty blog. I had just made a transition to using clean beauty products that are kind on my skin, hair and the environment.

And I hope sharing these insights into my clean beauty journey will help others going through a similar phase.

My Skin Type- Oily, prone to hormonal breakouts

My hair type- Dry hair prone to frizz due to Mumbai’s humid climate.

About Demure Beauty

On Demure Beauty, you will find honest reviews, my tried and tested beauty tips, shopping guides and lots more!

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