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Discount Code and Affiliate Links

Vanity Wagon

An eCommerce platform with over 45 clean and natural beauty brands to choose from along with plastic-free packaging.

20% Discount Code- DEMURE20(Min. order Rs. 500)


Juicy Chemistry

An Ecocert Certified organic brand with a range of skincare, haircare and babycare products.

10% Discount Code- DEMURE10 (works on all non-sale days )


Lineal Deodorants

A natural aluminium free deodorant range which can be used by both men and women.

10% Discount code- DEMURE10


Kaira Naturals

A holistic and natural skincare brand that helps you get clear, healthy skin from inside out.

10% Discount Code- DEMURE10 (works on all non-sale days)


Nature’s Tattva

A DIY brand that has all the natural ingredients you need for DIY skincare and haircare recipes.

10% Discount Code- RUTUD10


The Hues Beauty

A simplified beauty brand that offer high quality ingredients for your skin a and hair needs.

10% Discount code- DEMURE10


Affiliate Links

There are no discount codes for these websites but you can still use these affiliate links to shop and show your support for my blog.


Everything you need for your skin, hair, makeup or even groceries. Shop brands like Mamaearth, Soapworks India(Earthy Rhythm), Bliss of Earth, Zofla, Earthy Sapo etc.

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Greenie Mill

An affordable clean beauty with high-performance products for your everyday beauty routine.

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