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Where to Buy Handmade Cold-Processed Soaps in India

Last Updated on August 10, 2023

Handmade cold-processed soaps have been around for almost 5000 years now. But somewhere along the way, they got replaced with detergent bars and body washes.

But the clean beauty revolution along with zero-waste movement has brought them back into the spotlight and for good. So why not choose these handmade and cold-processed soaps available in India for all your bathing needs too?

When I was using commercial soap bars, my skin often got itchy after a shower. But then I switched to cold-processed soaps in 2018. And it’s safe to say, I am not going back to those commercial soap bars again.

What Exactly Are Cold-Processed Soaps?

All handmade soapmakers have their own way of making soaps. Some use the hot-process method where they heat the mixture to speed up the saponification process.

While some other soap makers like to add colourants like mica to give their soaps a bright hue. But cold-processed soaps are different.

They are created using the traditional way of soap-making i.e by reacting plant oils with lye. They also contain various beneficial herbs, botanical extracts and are scented with just essential oils.

Since there is no heat involved in the process, the botanical ingredients in the soap retain their natural nutritional properties and hence are superior in quality.

I have fallen in love with handmade soaps that are made using cold-processed techniques and have no artificial colours in them. They create the same lather but there are fewer chances of your skin getting irritated with them.

And yes, cold-processed soaps can still look quite aesthetic with natural colourants.

4 Key Benefits Of Using Handmade Cold-Processed Soaps

  • Made with natural ingredients- Cold-processed soaps are made with plant oils, clays, plant butters, essential oils and contain no synthetic detergents.
  • Gentler on our skin: Commercial soapmakers remove the glycerin from the soap which often makes them drying. Whereas cold-processed soapsmakers retain this glycerin content making them much more hydrating.
  • Less irritation: The artificial fragrances and dyes used in a commercial soaps can often make your skin itchy and red(like it did to mine). But with cold-processed soaps, the chances of such irritations are very low.
  • Better for the environment: Natural ingredients used in cold-processed soaps are biodegradable and hence don’t pose a threat to our environment.

Where To Buy Best Cold-Processed and Handmade Soaps in India?

There are dozens of skincare brands and soapmakers in India that sell cold-processed soaps. But like I said earlier, I only prefer ones that have no artificial fragrance or colourants added(not even mica).

So here is a list of all the brands in India I came across that make handmade cold-processed soaps without synthetic additives. These soaps are scented with essential oils and coloured using only natural clays, herbs, fruit and vegetable juices.

Image by Juicy Chemistry

1. Juicy Chemistry

If you want to try handmade and organic cold-processed soaps in India for a luxurious experience, then Juicy Chemistry’s range of gourmet soaps are perfect for you. All their soaps are certified organic as per the EcoCert Cosmos Standards and smell heavenly too.

I tried the Cucumber, Matcha and Spearmint variant which smelled awesome and didn’t feel dry even on my face. Pick them if you want an aromatherapy session every time you bathe.

rustic art coffee soap cold-processed
Image by Rustic Art

2. Rustic Art

Rustic Art has around two dozen variants of cold-processed soaps made with organic saponified oils. A lot of these highlight indigenous ingredients like Champa, Vetiver, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Kewda, Sandal etc.

All Rustic Art soaps are vegan, cruelty-free and wrapped in a soft, cotton fabric similar to the Bon Organics soaps.

Image by Vilvah Store

3. Vilvah

Vilvah is a sustainable skincare brand based in Coimbatore. Their handmade and cold-processed soaps are made using organic ingredients sourced from local farms. 

Vilvah is well known for its goat milk range(like its Goatmilk Shampoo). So do check out their goat milk soaps if you have dry or sensitive skin.

make bon organic natural soaps last longer

4. Bon Organics

I have been using cold-processed soaps from Bon Organics for more than 2 years now. They have over two dozen variants made using USDA-certified organic ingredients yet are pretty affordable.

They don’t colour their soaps(not even with clays) so all variants pretty much look the same. The scents are pretty mild too. So pick them if you are unconcerned about aesthetics but want an affordable handmade soap that cleans well.

ruharoma handmade soaps stacked in India
Image credit: Ruharoma

5. Ruharoma

Ruharoma is a natural and sustainable skincare brand that creates some really aesthetic soaps. This small business believes in the idea of slow living and creates small batches of luxurious handmade soaps using solar-infused oils, clays, butters herbs, and essential oils.

Image Credit: Fiducia Botanicals

6. Fiducia Botanicals

While Fiducia Botanicals concentrates on creating high-performance skincare products, they also offer limited-edition handmade, cold-processed soaps every season.

These artisanal soaps are vegan-friendly and made with organic ingredients that nourish your skin. So keep an eye out for their launches though Instagram.

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vaanya handmade soaps company india
Image Credit: Vaanya Soap Co.

7. Vaanya Soap Co.

Vaanya is yet another small business that sells vegan, cold-processed soaps for all your bathing needs. All their soaps have natural clays only as colourants and look extremely aesthetic.

Due to their pretty yet low-waste packaging, Vaanya soaps are great for your gifting needs too. Check out their Soap Trios and haircare bars as well.

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8. Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities is a zero-waste lifestyle brand that has multiple sustainable soap options for your bathing needs. The soaps are super affordable so you try out different options and decide which one works best for you.

handmade cold-pressed soap factory india
Image by The Soap Factory

9. The Soap Factory India

The Soap Factory was founded by Tharwah Nuseira just a few years ago. But her mom has been in the soapmaking business for nearly two decades now.

The mother-daughter duo supplies soaps to various luxury skincare brands. And now they have their own retail label -The Soap Factory.

Their beautiful soaps are plant-based with some unique variants on offer like Coconut Cream and Nalangu Maavu.

Image by Satviki

10. Satviki

Created by soapmaker Priya Bhartia, Satviki Soaps are free of palm oil and made using the finest cold-pressed oils, butters, natural clays, plant-based colourants. They are gentle on your skin and are cured for 4-6 weeks before packing them in environment-friendly materials.

Have you tried any cold-processed handmade soaps yet? Share your favourites in the comments below.

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handmade coldpressed soap
handmade coldpressed soap

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