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6 Clean Beauty Brands Worth Trying Out in 2021

Last Updated on January 2, 2021

In January 2018, I started my transition into clean beauty brands in India. It’s 2021 now and I have come a long way since. After various trials and errors,  I now have a better understanding of ingredients and their safety concerns. 

Even the clean beauty brands in India have grown tremendously in the last couple of years. They are now more mindful about being sustainable and choosing ingredients that go into the products.

But some brands have definitely stood out among the rest with their product formulations and ethical practices. So keep these clean beauty brands in mind when you are shopping for some green and clean beauty products in India.

P.s All these brands are cruelty-free too!

Indian Clean Beauty Brands To Watch Out For in 2021.

1. Juicy Chemistry 

For quite a few years now, Juicy Chemistry has long been a go-to brand for anyone looking for certified organic beauty products in India. But a few months ago, they took a huge step toward sustainability by switching to glass packaging. 

And what’s better is that they even take back those empty containers for recycling. All their products are certified organic by Ecocert COSMOS-standard. So you know you are applying the purest of the ingredients on your body. 

From haircare, skincare to even baby care products, Juicy Chemistry has got something for everyone. Plus, they are now shipping internationally too.

You can shop their complete range on their website. They often have sales but you can use code “DEMURE10” to get 10% off on non-sale days too.

2. Vaunt Skincare

I recently came across this brand and liked their minimalist approach to skincare. All their products are clean, made with Ecocert certified ingredients and vegan too. Their Vitamin C Water and Hyaluronic acid serums are already getting some amazing reviews.

If you like to follow a minimalist approach towards skincare, Vaunt Skincare should definitely be on your radar in 2020. You can shop their entire range on Vanity Wagon. (Get 20% Discount on orders over 500 with code DEMURE20)

vaunt vitamin C toner for oily skin

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3. The Moms Co.

Now, this brand may be primarily targeted towards newbie mommies, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying them out. Along with their babycare range, they have some amazing products for adults that are quite affordable.

They have been adding new interesting products in their skincare and haircare range which are definitely worth checking out. I have tried both their facewashes and they are equally good.

The Moms Co. is completely transparent with the ingredients that go into their products. Plus, it is also certified by MadeSafe Australia

The Moms Co. products are available on their Amazon.

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4. Vilvah Store

Vilvah has made a name for itself in the Indian sustainable beauty market. A few months ago, they shifted to using aluminium packaging for all their products. This has helped several people cut down their plastic usage.

If you are looking for a natural and clean beauty brand in India with sustainable practices, Vilvah is a wonderful option to try out.  

You can shop for Vilvah products on Vanity Wagon. Use Code “DEMURE20” to get 20% off.

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5. Nature’s Tattva

Thanks to the clean beauty revolution, sourcing raw ingredients to prepare your own skincare and haircare recipes has become much easier. Nature’s Tattva is one such brand that caters to providing good quality ingredients for DIYs, some of which are even certified organic by USDA.

From unrefined, cold-pressed plant oils, butters, essential oils, waxes, powdered herbs and even natural clay, Nature’s tattva has a huge collection of ingredients that you could buy in bulk quantities too.

You can shop these DIY ingredients on their official website. Use the code “RUTUD10” to get an additional 10% discount on your order.

natures tattva products

6. Earth Rhythm

Looking for some high-performance products for a zero-waste personal care routine? You should definitely check out Earth Rhythm (previously known as Soapworks India). Their zero waste shampoo and conditioners bars are already a big hit with their customers (including me). 

Their product range may not be 100% clean. But if reducing plastic waste is your biggest priority in 2020, definitely give this brand a try.

You can shop Earthy Rhythm products on Vanity Wagon. (Discount Code DEMURE20)

earthy rhythm shampo bar

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If you are looking for more clean beauty brands in India that are safe for your skin and environment, I have created a cheatsheet. It contains a list of 26 best clean beauty brands in India you can try.

Join my Free Beauty Library here to download this list and more guides to make your beauty routine easier. I will be adding more such resources in the library in future and you can have lifetime access to them.

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clean beauty brands in india to try out in 20 - natural skincare and haircare tips
clean beauty brands in india to try out in 20 - natural skincare and haircare tips

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