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7 Best Hair Growth Serums That Will Fight Hair Fall And Aid Healthy Hair Growth

Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Need help in getting longer, voluminous hair? It’s okay if can’t spare the time to get regular oil champis. Because the emergence of hair growth serums has made the dream of achieving thick hair quicker and easier. 

Healthy hair has always been a symbol of beauty and confidence. But as we age, our once lustrous and voluminous hair gradually succumbs to the challenges posed by daily life and health factors. 

Stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, and even genetic factors can lead to thinning and hair loss among men and women. While herbal hair growth hair oils are our go-to choice for treating any hair concerns, hair growth serums are emerging as popular choice these days.

Here’s Why Hair Growth Serums Are Better Than Hair Oils

Whether you are in the early stages of hair fall or have been grappling with it for some time, hair growth serums are your best bet in restoring your mane to its former glory. Unlike anti-hair-fall shampoos or hair oils, these potent leave-on formulas can penetrate deeper into the scalp.

They are specifically formulated to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair fall, and improve overall scalp health. The key ingredients in these serums are a blend of clinically proven ingredients like Redensyl, Anagain, etc. which reawaken dormant hair follicles to regulate a healthy hair growth cycle. 

Hair growth serums are also lightweight and non-greasy which makes application convenient. They are easily absorbed into the scalp, ensuring that the active ingredients reach the hair follicles effectively to regenerate hair growth. 

Promoting new hair growth is a complicated, time-consuming process that requires patience and consistency to see positive results. While there are several serums to choose from, keep in mind that not all serums are created equal.

So here are our top picks for serums that will help reduce hair fall and promote thicker, longer hair. 

Best Hair Growth Serums In India

1. ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum 2.0

For those battling hair loss and receding hairlines, Thriveco. Hair Growth Serum is a game-changer. Formulated with scientifically proven ingredients like Redensyl, Anagain, Procapil, and Capilia Longa, this serum from ThriveCo reactivates hair stem cells for growth.

It prolongs the life cycle of hair, thus giving you fuller hair. Use it every night for atleast 3 months to see the results.

2. The Ordinary Multipeptide Serum for Hair Density

This cult-favourite hair growth serum from The Ordinary is designed to support scalp health so that your hair looks denser, thicker, and healthier. It is infused with caffeine, peptides, Redensyl, ProCapil, Biacapil, Anagin, and various plant extracts known for hair growth benefits.

This concentrated leave-in treatment revitalizes hair follicles and encourages healthy hair growth. The formula is lightweight, water-based, and suitable for all hair types.

3. Wishcare Hair Growth Serum Concentrate

Wishcare Hair Growth Serum Concentrate is a highly sought-after product that addresses concerns like thinning hair. This concentrated serum is packed with biotin, keratin, 3% Redensyl, 4% Anagain, and 2% Biacapil in a fermented rice water base to nourish the scalp and stimulate hair follicles. 

The vegan hair growth serum not only improves hair density but also imparts shine and smoothness to your tresses. Plus, the serum is free of harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, silicones, etc.

4. Be Bodywise Hair Concentrate Serum

If you are looking at a daily treatment, this water-based serum is the perfect pick. It is fortified with 3% Redensyl, 3% Procapil, 3% Baicapil, Fenugreek, and Moringa, which strengthen hair roots and promote healthy hair growth. 

The serum is non-oily and quickly absorbing so you don’t need to wash your hair after every use. And the formulation is free of parabens and silicones and suitable for everyone over 18 years old.

hair growth serums

5. Raw Beauty Sprout Again Hair Growth Gel

If you’re on the lookout for a natural and gentle hair growth solution that also keeps your scalp healthy, Raw Beauty Sprout Again Hair Growth Gel is the perfect pick. Enriched with powerful botanical extracts like Bhringraj, Jaborandi, Anagain, Baicapil, and Capilia Longa, this gel reduces hair fall and boosts hair regrowth. 

The formula is clean, cruelty-free, and free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for everyone over 12 years of age.

hair growth serums

6. Juicy Chemistry Scalp Stimulation Serum

This luxurious and potent hair treatment harnesses the goodness of cellular botanical extracts and antioxidants to soothe our scalp and promote hair growth. It has natural ingredients like saw palmetto, White cypress, and Gingko Biloba extracts that stimulate blood circulation, prevent hair loss and improve hair strength for a healthy mane.

Free from chemicals and synthetic fragrances, this serum is suitable for all hair types, including sensitive scalps.

hair growth serums

7. Minimalist Hair Growth Actives Serum

Minimalist Hair Growth Actives Serum is a potent yet safe solution to combat hair thinning and promote growth. This serum contains a high-concentration blend of natural extracts, peptides, and 5 proven ingredients like Redensyl and Procapil.

These ingredients work together to awaken dormant hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. The lightweight and fragrance-free formula also makes this hair growth serum suitable for all hair types.

Hair Growth Serum FAQs

Do hair growth serums work?

Yes, they are effective but the results will depend on various factors like consistent usage, a balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle. If your hair loss is due to genetic factors or a medical condition, consult a doctor for proper advice.

How do I know if hair growth serums are working?

Hair growth is a slow process so it takes a few months to start seeing noticeable improvements. Take before and after and see if the serum is working.

How to apply hair growth serum?

Most serums are designed as leave-on treatments that you can apply on the scalp before bedtime. Check the product label for exact instructions on how to use it.

How often can I apply the hair growth serum?

Most serums can be used on a daily basis as they don’t require rinsing. Apply them atleast 3-4 times a week for a few months to see posit results.

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