Eco-friendly Cotton Buds Alternatives in India

eco-friendly cotton buds

Everyone is talking about plastic pollution these days. And rightly so, the amount of plastic waste generated and accumulating in the environment is at alarmingly high levels. You may have already heard about this all and hence I won’t lecture you on the same.

Instead, I am here to share an easy alternative I have found to reduce some plastic waste from my personal care routine. Something we all use on a daily basis but never really include in a plastic waste conversation.

Cotton Buds!

Cotton bud/Q-tips are disposable and have various uses, from ear cleaning to fixing makeup mistakes. Their stems are made up of plastic and they have a usage life of mere seconds post which they end up in landfills, beaches and oceans damaging aquatic life.

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It’s a photo that I wish didn’t exist but now that it does I want everyone to see it. What started as an opportunity to photograph a cute little sea horse turned into one of frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage. This sea horse drifts long with the trash day in and day out as it rides the currents that flow along the Indonesian archipelago. This photo serves as an allegory for the current and future state of our oceans. What sort of future are we creating? How can your actions shape our planet?
thanks to @eyosexpeditions for getting me there and to @nhm_wpy and @sea_legacy for getting this photo in front of as many eyes as possible. Go to @sea_legacy to see how you can make a difference. . #plastic #seahorse #wpy53 #wildlifephotography #conservation @nhm_wpy @noaadebris #switchthestick

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This is an award winning picture depicting how cotton buds are harming marine life.

There is an easy way to reduce cotton bud pollution by simply switching to eco-friendly cotton buds made of paper/wooden or bamboo stems. These are available easily in the market and online. I picked wooden ones from Miniso since they were the cheapest ones I could find. They cost Rs.150 for 500 pcs(Rs. 30 for 100 pcs) which is almost at par with the plastic ones which come around Rs.27 for 100pcs.

If you apply too much pressure these seem to break as they not flexible like the plastic ones. But Miniso has a paper variant too which costs slightly more but can be flexible. What I love about these is that they have a pointy edge on one side which is perfect for fixing any smudged lipstick, eyeliner etc.

Eco-friendly Cotton buds

If there is a Miniso store in your city, I highly recommend buying from them since they are the cheapest option available. They are currently not available online but you can buy from other online retailers from Amazon and Nykaa. I am sharing a few options below you can look into.

1. Farlin Cotton Bud (Paper stem)

2. Masmi Organic cotton Bud 

3. Bamboo India Ear Buds (these come in a eco-friendly packaging too)

A small step by everyone like switching to eco-friendly cotton buds can make a huge impact on reducing plastic pollution. Remember to never flush down cotton buds down the drain as they end up in sewage systems and ultimately in the oceans.

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