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11 Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin That Won’t Feel Greasy

Last Updated on April 2, 2024

On the hunt for the best moisturizer in India for your oily skin? Looking for the perfect moisturizer can be a real challenge especially if you have oily, acne-prone skin! 

You don’t want something too heavy or greasy that will clog your pores and cause breakouts, but you still need a product that will hydrate and nourish your skin well. 

There are some amazing oily skin moisturizers available in India that can help you achieve that healthy, radiant glow you’ve been dreaming of! But there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you pick the best moisturizer for your oily skin.

How To Choose A Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Since there are plenty of options out there, here are a few factors you should consider while picking the right formulation:

  • Find the right consistency:

Most moisturizers for oily skin are water-based gels since they are lightweight and don’t make your skin oilier. But sometimes, a lightweight lotion or cream can also be a great choice to support your skin barrier or minimize irritation caused by strong actives like retinol.

  • Watch out for problematic ingredients:

Oil-free moisturizers work wonders for oily skin, but such moisturizers may still have ingredients like silicones or isopropyl myristate that may clog your pores. It may also have fragrance, alcohol or another ingredient that irritates your skin. 

So it’s best to read the ingredient list carefully to ensure the product is formulated with ingredients that suit your skin.

  • Pick the right actives for your skin concerns:

While most moisturizers have ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin that help bind moisture to the skin, look for formulations with antibacterial or soothing ingredients if you struggle with acne. 

Neem, tea tree, willow bark and green tea are some amazing ingredients to prevent breakouts while Centella Asiatica, calendula, and tulsi can help soothe angry pimples. Niacinamide is also helpful for balancing oil production while licorice, Vitamin C or rosehip oil will help fade dark spots.

Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin in India

1. Raw Beauty Quench Barrier Care Lotion

This hydrating moisturizer has a milky, lotion-like texture that gets absorbed quickly into the skin. It supports a healthy barrier and reduces irritation caused by actives in your routine.

It is made with soothing and hydrating ingredients like chamomile and bamboo water, phospholipids, beta-glucans, and pentavitin making it suitable for use on even sensitive, inflamed skin. 

2. Earth Rhythm Phyto Clear Moisturizer

This creamy moisturizer is a great affordable pick for oily skin. It moisturizes the skin without feeling heavy or greasy and does not clog pores. 

The moisturizer has soothing ingredients like Centella asiatica, horsetail and sage extract which help minimize irritation.   

3. Daughter Earth Succulent Gel Moisturizer

This lightweight gel mositurizer for oily skin is perfect for hot weather. The gel gets absorbed easily into the skin and helps keep it well-hydrated and moisturized.

It has a blend of some nourishing, soothing and anti-oxidant-rich botanical extracts and plant stem cells that protect the skin and support the skin barrier. 

4. Vaunt Calm Cream

This moisturising lotion is a great choice if yoru have redness and irritation. It provides a calming effect on application and has lightweight, non-greasy consistency

The moisturizer is loaded with calming ingredients like oats and calendula extracts which reduce redness and irritation while squalane and Pentavitin deeply hydrate and soften skin to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

5. Suganda White Lotus Moisturizer

This lightweight, oil-free mositurizer is a great choice if you have oily, dehydrated skin. It is available in both scented and non-scented versions to suit your preferences.

It has 3% niacinamide to balance oil production and white lotus to soothe skin while panthenol and hyaluronic acid provide ample hydration to keep the skin soft.

best moisturizer for oily skin

6. Deconstruct NMF Hydrating Moisturizer

This lightweight daily moisturizer is a great choice to hydrate and calm oily, acne-prone skin. It has lightweight gel-cream consistency that doesn’t feel oily yet leaves skin moisturized and hydrated.

The mositurizer is made with a mixture of amino acids and other ingredients that replicate NMFs found in our skin to help hydrate, soothe and strengthen the skin barrier.

7. Detoxie Oil And Sebum Control Gel

This acne-fighting gel is the perfect oily skin moisturizer to use in hot, humid city weather. The water-based gel helps balance oil production and prevents acne as well.

It is made with antibacterial and soothing ingredients like Japanese matcha, tea tree, willow bark, niacinamide and neem which help reduce breakouts to give your clear, even-toned skin.

best moisturizer for oily skin

8. Plum Oil Free Moisturizer

This lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer is another wonderful choice for combination or oily skin. The lotion gets absorbed easily into the skin without feeling oily or sticky.

It has ingredients like niacinamide, aloe vera, green tea and squalane to soothe skin, balance oiliness and make your skin softer.

best moisturizer for oily skin

9. Formula Rx Hydraveil Moisturizer

This oil-free mositurizer is a perfect choice if you have Malassezia or fungal acne. The super lightweight gel sinks into the skin and has no oils, fatty acids, fatty esters, fatty alcohols, lecithin, polysorbates, or PEGs.

It has multi-molecular hyaluronic acid which keeps skin hydrated all day, plumps your skin and strengthens the skin barrier.

10. Ilana Clarifying and Calming Night Gel

This moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration and helps your skin repair overnight. It has a lightweight gel consistency that gets absorbed quickly while hydrating your skin.

It has 3% niacinamide, Centella Asiatica and green tea to soothe irritated skin while protecting it from breakouts and damage.

juicy chemistry aloe vera gel

11. Juicy Chemistry Pure Aloe Vera Gel

This certified organic aloe vera gel is an ideal moisturizer to keep your skin calm and hydrated. It instantly sinks into the skin and leaves no sticky residue on the face.

The gel is made from pure aloe vera pulp and is perfect to soothe sensitive, irritated skin.

OIly SKin Moisturizer FAQs

Is moisturizer good for oily skin?

Yes, moisturizer helps balance oil production, soothes skin and keeps it hydrated and plump.

When to apply mositurizer for oily skin?

Apply the moisturizer twice a day, in the AM and PM routine after using a cleanser, toner and serum but before applying sunscreen or makeup.

How to use a moisturizer on my skin?

Take the required amount on your fingers and dot it all over the face and neck before gently spreading it evenly to help it absorb

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