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7 Best Shampoo Bar Brands You Should Try Next

Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Looking for the best shampoo bar in India? You are not alone. Thanks to the rising concerns over plastic waste, more and more people are choosing this zero-waste shampoo alternative.

The concept of solid shampoo bars is not new in India though. Remember those Godrej Shikakai soaps that everyone used in their childhood days?

But these days, the shampoo bars available are much more advanced. Also, the packaging is eco-friendly and plastic-free. 

Almost every other personal care brand within the green beauty market in India is making a shampoo bar these days. I couldn’t include them all in a single post as it would be time-consuming and also make you confused as to which one to pick.

Hence, I picked the 7 best shampoo bar brands in India based on their reviews and ingredients. Among these brands, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your hair type and concerns. So go ahead, and switch to a solid shampoo bar ASAP.

 Perks Of Using Shampoo Bar

  • Cheaper Than Liquid Shampoo

Unlike liquid shampoos which are diluted with water, solid shampoo bars are highly concentrated and hence prove to be a cheaper option in the long run.

  • Lasts Longer

A 100-gram soap bar will easily last you over 3-4 months when used twice a week. Whereas a 100ml shampoo bottle barely lasts 4-6 weeks.

  • No Plastic Waste

Natural shampoo bars are zero-waste! They are usually wrapped in paper and hence, you won’t have to deal with empty plastic bottles once you finish using them.

  • Natural Ingredients

Solid shampoo bars are made with natural clays, herbs and essential oils, all of which are good for your hair and the environment too.

Types of Shampoo Bars

1. Soap-Based

These shampoo bars are made with saponified oils and hence tend to be a bit high in pH. For first time users, the hair can feel dry and frizzy. It usually takes a few uses to get your hair adjusted to them. Also, there can be sticky residue post wash which can be fixed by an apple cider vinegar rinse.

2. Surfactant based

These types of shampoo bars are sort of a solid version of liquid shampoo.  They contain gentle, naturally derived surfactants that clean your hair while maintaining the natural pH level of hair. Perfect for people who to novices to the idea of using a solid shampoo bar. 

The 7 Best Shampoo Bar Brands In India

1. Juicy Chemistry (Vegan)

As always, Juicy Chemistry makes some really decent shampoo bars that are cold-pressed and handmade with organic ingredients. Their anti-dandruff shampoo bar has some really good reviews and helps combat scalp itchiness.

They have 2 variants:

  1. Hibiscus, Onion & Bhringraj- for hair loss and premature greying
  2. Fenugreek, Brahmi and Plantain- for dandruff and itchy scalp.

You can shop these on their website (Use code “DEMURE10” to get 10% off)

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2. Earth Rhythm (Soapworks India)

If I had to name one brand that made the concept of using shampoo bars popular in India, it would definitely be Soapworks India. They have so many varieties for different hair types and offer both soap-based and surfactant-based options.

Almost everyone including me who has used their surfactant-based shampoo bars is happy with them. 

I have used their Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar and Dandruff Shampoo Bar and enjoyed using both.

3. Soulflower (Vegan)

Soulflower was one of the first brands to sell sulfate-free shampoo bars in India. These shampoo bars are vegan and made using the traditional cold-processed method.

Affordably priced and easily available online, there are 4 variants that you can try-

  1. Reetha And Coconut Milk- For oily scalp
  2. Rosemary And Lavender- For hair growth
  3. Sandalwood and Geranium- For dry hair
  4. Neem and Henna- For dandruff prone hair

Shop these shampoo bars on Amazon

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4. Satliva

 Satliva is a sustainable indie brand that offers products made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil as the key ingredient. Their handmade shampoo bars have simple yet effective ingredients known to show good results with regular use.  

There are 2 variants available-

  1. Hemp with Argan
  2. Hemp With Argan and Activated Charcoal

Grab them on Amazon

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5. Earthy Sapo(Vegan)

This small homegrown brand makes some amazing soaps with local herbs and no artificial colourants or scents. They are quite cheap and a good option for anyone looking for a natural shampoo alternative.

There too have two variants-

  1. Reetha- For dry hair
  2. Shikakai And Multani Mitti – For oily hair

Check these out on Amazon

6. The Switch Fix (Vegan)

A new addition on the sustainable products market, the Switch Fix has some interesting products on offer. Their shampoo bars are cold-pressed, palm oil-free and sans any plastic packaging.

Plus, 25% of their profits go towards providing better health opportunities for urban fenceline communities.

There are 4 variants of The Switch Fix shampoo bars. You can buy them on Vanity Wagon. Use code “DEMURE20” to get 20% off on your orders over 500.

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7. Rustic Art(Vegan)

Rustic Art shampoo bar is made with gentle surfactants and some natural moisturizer like mango butter and aloe vera extracts.

The shampoo bars have no added colours or fragrances and are pH balanced too. And you get to choose from 6 variants.

Shop them on Amazon

best shampoo bar

Points to be considered when switching to a shampoo bar.

  • If you are using traditional shampoo bars for the first time, your hair will feel drier. This is just a transition phase and your hair will return back to normal within a few uses.
  • Use silicone-free conditioners and hair styling products since these solid shampoo bars are sulfate-free and cannot remove silicone build-up from hair.
  • To make your soap last longer, rub it between your palms and apply just the foam on your scalp.

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