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How to Make Your Natural Soaps Last Longer.

Last Updated on September 30, 2020

Since ages, I had been using the Pears soap for bathing. But as a part of my shift to clean beauty in 2018, I decided to switch to using natural organic soaps.

Most commercial soaps in the market today are made up with surfactants, artificial fragrances and colours. Whereas, a cold-pressed natural soap uses organic oils, clays and herbs. In fact, that’s how traditional soaps were made before industrialization.

The idea of using natural organic soaps although appealing was going to cost me a lot more money. Cold-pressed soaps are pricier than the commercial soap bars sold in the market as they are usually handmade and take longer to manufacture. Also, they tend to melt faster due to their glycerin content.

But after using them for a few months now, I figured out some ways to extend their life and prevent unnecessary melting. Here are some key methods to make your soaps last longer.

*These methods apply to all kinds of soap bars whether natural or not.

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1. Lather it in your hand.

Many of us wet the soap and start rubbing it directly all over the body to create lather. This method actually uses up way more soap than needed. It also melts the soap faster since it comes in contact with water more.

Instead, start by rubbing your soap in your palms a few times and then use that lather on your body. You will save up a lot of soap this way.

2. Cut it up.

If you don’t like the idea of lathering the soap first, you may want to try cutting your soap in 3-4 small pieces. Keep only one of the pieces in the soap dish for use and store away the rest in a cool, dry place.

This will prevent the rest of the soap from coming in contact with water and melting unnecessarily.

3. Grate it up!

This one is inspired from all those addictive soap cutting videos on Instagram. Going a step further from method 2, instead of cutting the soap in 3-4 pieces, grate your entire soap into thin shavings.

Store these shavings in an airtight container on your bathroom shelf and use a few shavings every time you shower.

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Apart from the above methods, always store your soap in a dry place to make your soaps last longer. And use a soap dish that drains the water well.

To understand better why natural soaps are a better choice and pricier than conventional soap bars, do understand the traditional cold-pressed soap making process.

make natural soaps last longer
Some organic cold pressed soaps from Bon Organics

How are cold-pressed natural soaps made?

A bar of basic cold-pressed soap is made with organic oils/fat and lye(sodium hydroxide/potassium hydroxide). The lye reacts with the triglycerides from oils and fats to form soap and glycerin. This whole process is called saponification.

This mixture is then poured in moulds and allowed to solidify and cured for at least a few days. Often, soap makers add special herbs, essentials oils, clays etc. to target specific skin issues. Or just to make the soaps smell and look good.

Here are some amazing brands in India that make handmade, cold-processed and organic soaps in India without colours or artificial fragrances.

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Learn how to make natural soaps last longer
make natural soaps last longer

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