aroma magic juniper berry moisturizer review

Aroma Magic Juniper Berry Moisturizer Review

Last Updated on June 19, 2020

After the recent Neutrogena debacle, I became skeptical about using other moisturizers that promise to be good for oily skin. That’s when I came across the Aroma Magic Juniper Berry moisturizer. It looked watery and lightweight and hence I decided to give it a try.

Product Claims:

I am 100% free of petrochemicals, phthalates, toxic ingredients, parabens, artificial fragrance and colour. Enriched with SPF 15, I protect, moisturize, and brighten your skin.

The multi-tasking extracts of Juniper Berry and Cucumber act as efficient anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents protecting the skin from the sun by guarding it against harmful free radicals.

My blend of patchouli and lemon essential oils helps regulate the oil level in the skin. Together with Aloe Vera juice, my non-greasy gel formula helps heal acne and lighten blemishes leaving your skin well nourished, refreshed and brighter.

Price: Rs. 190 for 100 ml, Rs. 320 for 200 ml.

Availability: Both online and Offline. Buy here

Shelf life: 3 years(to be used within 12 months from opening)

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aroma magic review

About the product:

It comes in a transparent pump dispenser bottle. There is a transparent protective cap on it to avoid leaks. The bottle is sturdy and easy to carry around.

The moisturizer is translucent white with a runny consistency. About 2-3 pumps of the product are sufficient to cover entire face and neck.


Aqua, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil(jojoba oil), aloe barbadensis juice(aloe vera juice), Vegetable glycerin, Juniperus communis extract( juniper berry), Pogostemon cablin essential oil(patchouli), Cucumis sativus extract( cucumber), citrus medica limonum essential oil(lemon), xanthan gum, Hydrolysed hyaluronic acid.

juniper berry moisturizer review

Directions to use:

Gently massage the gel into your skin. For best results, use daily after cleansing, toning and oiling the skin. Use me morning and night or whenever your skin feels the need for extra care.

My Experience Using Aroma Magic Juniper Berry Moisturizer Review:

My first thought when I squeezed out the moisturizer was that this is too light-weight to actually moisturize my skin. It comes out like a runny gel but on application feels just like water.

The skin absorbs it in few seconds leaving no trace of a moisturizer used. This is because this product is meant to hydrate not moisturize.

Oily skin produces enough sebum to moisturize itself, hence what the skin really needs is something to hydrate after the cleansing. And this is exactly what the Aroma Magic Juniper berry moisturizer does.

It is packed with humectants like glycerin, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid which leaves the skin supple and hydrated.

There is zero greasiness which makes it perfect for the summers. But during winters, it might be insufficient if your sky turns dry.

Also, this moisturizer will work well if you like to layer your skincare products due to its lightweight formula. The only con is that I cannot spot any preservative that justifies the shelf life so seems like the ingredient list is incomplete.

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  • Made with natural ingredients
  • No artificial colour or fragrance
  • Affordable and easily available
  • Lightweight formula hydrates well
  • Perfect for summers
  • Did not break me out


  • Incomplete ingredient list

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Final Thoughts on Aroma Magic Juniper Berry Moisturizer:

It does everything a good moisturizer for oily skin should do. Aroma Magic Juniper Berry Moisturizer can be good buy if you are on a tight budget.

What’s your favourite moisturizer? Comment below.

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