Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask review

Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask Review

Does your scalp always feel itchy or feel limp around the roots? Well, this Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask could be a solution to your problem.

Sometimes, shampoos are not enough to remove the buildup left behind from using heavyweight conditioners or hair oils. You need to clarify your hair, i.e do a deep cleanse or detox to clear the buildup from the scalp.

And this detox hair mask from bubble farm is a natural solution. I got this from Vanity Wagon over 2 months ago and here is my full review.

Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask review

Product Claims:

The detox hair mask is a blend of clays and herbs that can suck up impurities from your scalp and hair. This mask turns into a gel-like paste once activated with water and helps remove dirt, and grease, and gives the scalp a deep clean. Herbs in this mask deeply nourish, strengthen, treat dandruff, and stimulate hair growth.

Price: Rs. 415 for 120 gms

Shelf Life: 8 months

About the Product:

The hair mask is sold in a resealable pouch. The powder is olive green in color and has a herbal smell from the natural herbal present.


Nettle leaf powder, Rhassoul clay, moringa powder, rosemary powder, activated charcoal, senna leaf powder.

Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask review

Directions to Use:

Mix the hair mask with water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the hair and allow it to remain for 20 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with water.

My Experience Using Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask:

This detox hair mask from Bubblefarm is clay-based. It has rhassoul clay and activated charcoal which absorbs impurities from the scalp while herbs like moringa, nettle, rosemary and senna leaf powder nourish and soothe irritated scalp.

Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask review

I got this during the summer and have been using it 2-3 times a month to clarify oil buildup and reduce itching. I take about 1 tbsp of the product and add enough water to make a runny paste.

The paste feels smooth, almost like a henna paste. Even the color is quite similar. But there are some grainy particles in between which I am guessing will be nettle leaves.

Once the paste is mixed, I apply it all over the scalp using my fingers. It is important to keep the paste runny so that the product spreads evenly on the scalp.

Take small sections and gently massage the paste to cover all areas of the scalp. Once you apply the mask, you will be unable to comb your hair so make sure your hair is detangled well before you use this.

Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask review

After 20-25 minutes, I wash my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and apply a conditioner through the lengths of my hair. The first time I used the Bubblefarm detox hair mask, I noticed some frizz around my crown hair. 

Because I ended up using a little more than required which dried out my hair and made them frizzy. So you have to be careful about the quantity and ensure to apply the mask only on the scalp and not the hair. 

(P.s. To avoid the frizz, you can either oil your strands lightly before applying masks or use a leave-in serum/cream after hair wash to tame the frizz.)

Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask review

Overall, I found the hair mask did a good job adding some volume to my roots by removing oil buildup from the scalp. It even reduces itchiness to an extent so it can be helpful during summer and monsoon. 

You can use it 2-4 times a month to deep cleanse the scalp. The process may be a little messy and you’ll have to clean your bathroom floor afterward.

But this is a gentle way to remove oil buildup from the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth.


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Clarifies oil buildup from scalp gently
  • Adds volume to the roots
  • Reduce itchy scalp
  • Makes the scalp less greasy
  • Suitable for normal to oily scalp
  • Does not cause irritation
  • No added fragrance or colors
  • Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free
  • Affordable price


  • Can get a little messy.
  • Can cause some frizz for dry hair so a serum/leave-in conditioner is a must for dry hair.

Final Thoughts on Bubblefarm Detox Hair Mask :

If you want a natural detox hair mask that gets rid of oil buildup from the scalp and adds some volume to the roots, this Bubblefarm hair mask is a good choice.

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