5 Actionable Tips to Get Soft, Voluminous Hair Like Mine

It is okay to desire soft, long and shiny hair. Why? Because these are signs that you hair is in a healthy condition.

I am blessed with better hair than skin. And hence I take great care of them to keep them healthy, soft and voluminous.

Not to brag, but my friends and cousins often ask me about my hair care routine and the products I use. And I have to explain that it is all due to following some basic principles of hair care.

After going through a long duration of bad hair phase, I have figured out the key steps required to get healthy, strong and soft hair. This is where most of us go wrong in some way and end up with hair damage.

The Bad Hair Phase

Yep, despite being blessed with good hair genes, I went through a long bad hair period. My scalp would turn so oily, I had to do a hair wash every 4th day. And even wash my front section of my hair over the sink on the 3rd day to avoid a greasy look.

At the same time my hair also felt super dry, frizzy and lacked volume. After washing them, they looked poofy all day and bam! Flat the next day. So I had super oily scalp with dry, frizz hair.


This went on for almost 2 years until I finally figured where I went wrong. So I made changes to my routine and brought them back to their former healthy state(**touch wood**).

And now, when someone asks me the secret for my soft, long hair I share these 5 tips with them. I decided to pen it down into a detailed blog post for anyone going through a similar phase and looking for a reliable solution.

I am pretty sure you will find some useful tips here. Follow them and your hair will definitely improve in quality and look.

5 Ways to Get Soft, Bouncy Hair

1. Oil Your Hair Regularly

Every time I wash my hair without oiling, I can notice the extra frizz and roughness. So oiling has become a must for me now.

There isn’t a hair problem oiling cannot fix. Be it dandruff, dry hair, frizz, balding or something else. Oiling your hair fixes it all.

Oiling hair is a centuries old hair care ritual In India that has stood the test of time. Trust your moms and grandmothers on this one.

get soft hair with hair oil

Applying oil on your hair and scalp helps nourish your roots. And when you double it up with some gentle massaging it helps stimulate circulation of blood to the scalp and keep your hair strong, long and soft.

I keep alternating between different oil combinations based on my hair conditions. But this one is my all time favorite hair oil recipe for soft and nourished hair.

( These are approx ratios and you don’t have to follow it to the T. Just use what you have)

  • 50% coconut oil
  • 25% almond oil
  • 20% castor oil
  • 5% Vitamin E oil

2. Pick Your Shampoo Wisely

My mom never let me use conventional shampoos when I was in school. But once I entered college, I turned to drugstore shampoos which made my hair super dry and frizzy.

2 years ago, I started using gentle, natural shampoos again when I switched to clean beauty. And thankfully, my hair once again became softer and way less frizzy. ( The humid climate in Mumbai won’t let the frizz go away completely).

get soft hair with shampoo

Although shampoos just cleanse your scalp, choosing the wrong one could lead to severe damage and even hair fall if they are too drying and harsh.

You can choose any shampoo brand or variant. But make sure the formula is gentle, non-drying, sulfate-free and silicone-free.

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3. Stay Away From Silicones.

While silicones are good at taming frizz, if your hair tends to be on the drier side, it can aggravate the problem. Silicones coat your hair to prevent moisture from escaping hair.

But they may prevent moisture from entering your hair too.

Silicones did help me control frizz and make my hair silkier and shiny. But they fell flat a day after washing them. It was a temporary fix that weighed down my hair.

So I let go of silicones when I switched to natural shampoos. (Since silicones need sulfate-based shampoos to cleanse). Initially they felt awfully dry. But after 3-4 weeks, they turned soft once again.

I even realized my scalp is dry and not oily as I thought so earlier. It was just product buildup making my hair flat.

The secret to my thick, voluminous hair- skipping the silicones and sulfates!

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  1. Hi,

    These are some really easy and cool tips. I follow most of these, but unfortunately my hypothyroidism has targeted my hair, so I generally struggle here.

    Nice post and you do have gorgeous hair.

    1. Thank you, Neha. For hormonal issues, diet and regular exercise show better results than topical products. Talk to your doctor for diet advice or maybe even some nutritional supplements.

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