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How To Take Care of Your Hair During Monsoon

Last Updated on July 6, 2021

Hey, there! I am back with part two of the Monsoon series. In the previous part, I discussed how to practice a basic skincare routine along with some Dos and Don’ts. This time it is all about your hair care during the monsoon.

While the thought of getting drenched in the rains is tempting, the rainwater may be polluted and end up damaging your hair strands. Monsoon brings with it a lot of humidity which can lead to scalp infections, dandruff, frizzy hair, etc. Moisture is everywhere which creates the perfect breeding ground for the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The heavy winds that blow during monsoon can also turn your hair into a bird’s nest leading to knots, rough hair etc. Hence, along with your skin, your lustrous locks can suffer during the monsoon too if you don’t treat them right.

Hence, a proper monsoon hair care routine is a must to take care of your hair and keep them soft and nourished. Here are some easy tips that will help keep your mane healthy this monsoon.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips For Healthy Scalp and Frizz-free Hair

1. Cleanse Regularly

The primary focus of your monsoon hair care routine should be keeping your scalp clean and dry. Delaying your hair wash during monsoons can increase the risk of scalp infections like dandruff.

Hence, wash your hair using a gentle yet hydrating shampoo at least twice a week. If you get wet during the rain, rinse your hair immediately after returning home to remove any dirt residue/pollutants from the rainwater.

And follow up with a silicone-free conditioner to soften the hair and avoid frizziness.

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get soft hair with shampoo

2. Oil to Tame the Frizz

Frizziness can elevate a lot due to high humidity during the monsoon. Hence taming it needs more nourishment than just using a serum.

Hence, always oil your hair before shampooing them to keep them moisturized and nourished. Any oil works, although coconut oil is my personal favorite to keep hair soft and frizz-free.

Post hair wash, use a couple of drops of silicone-free serum or a dry oil to smooth out tangles, tame flyaways, and add some shine to your hair.

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get soft hair with hair oil monsoon hair care

3. Keep dandruff at bay

Monsoon is the perfect time for the fungus on your scalp to breed due to the humidity all around. Also, the humidity can at times dry out your scalp leading to flaking.

If ignored, dandruff could lead to other issues like hair fall and acne. Most commercial anti-dandruff shampoos are pretty useless in treating dandruff.

So if dandruff occurs, use a few drops of neem oil in any carrier oil of your choice and massage on your scalp. Leave it for at least 30 minutes before washing your hair.

You can also use hair oils with tea tree, peppermint and rosemary essential oil as they have anti-bacterial properties which help to keep dandruff at bay.

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4. Avoid Heat Styling.

You may spend hours blow drying, straightening and curling your hair. But the moment you step out, it’s all going to be ruined. Even if you carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat, your tresses are bound to get wet to some extent.

So embrace your natural texture instead and avoid heat styling. Opt for the beachy waves look or even braid them up (take a cue from Meghan Markle and go for the messy hair look.)

You can use a sea salt spray to add some texture and volume to your hair.

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DIY Fix:

Dissolve 1 tbsp sea salt in 1 cup of water. Add a spoonful of aloe vera gel and conditioner/oil. Shake it all well and voila! Your DIY sea salt spray is ready to use.

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how to tame frizzy hair monsoon hair care

5. Nourish Your Hair

At least once a month or every 15 days, treat your hair with a hair mask/deep conditioner.

You can opt for a hair spa too but I like to do it at home. That way I have control of what products go into my hair and save myself a lot of money).

A deep conditioning hair mask will help you fight the frizz, dryness and smoothen your strands. So indulge in a hot oil treatment and follow up with hair masque post shampoo to give your hair some TLC this monsoon.

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DIY Fix:

You can use fresh aloe vera gel, curd, honey, bananas, avocado etc. to create your own hair mask for soft shiny hair.

Mix 1/2 cup curd and 1tbsp oil to make an easy hair softening mask for your hair

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mamaearth argan hair mask texture
Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask

General Hair Care Tips For Monsoon:

  • Tie up your hair if you are in a windy place to avoid dust from entering your hair and tangling it up.
  • If it’s not windy, leave them open and let your scalp breathe.
  • Do not let your hair stay wet for too long, use a hairdryer if must on low heat/cool setting.
  • Handle your hair gently, use wide tooth combs instead of hairbrushes to detangle.
  • Dry your hair using a micro-fibre towel to quicken up the process.
  • Eat a lot of proteins and vitamins to keep your hair strong and healthy.

I have tried to keep this guide as simple as possible but covered all the main concerns you need to care for your hair during the monsoon season.

I hope you are able to enjoy the rains with this easy monsoon hair care tips. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Monsoon hair care tips and product recommendations

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