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11 Ways to Prevent Pimples That Always Work+ Free Checklist

Last Updated on March 10, 2023

Preventing pimples has become a life goal for me over the years. Since I have oily skin and live in a humid region “how to prevent pimples” was my most frequently searched term on Google during my teenage years.

Thankfully I have learned to keep my face acne-free for most days now. Some hormonal issues still manage to give me pimples from time to time. But its not as bad as it was until a couple of years ago. 

I know a lot of you are struggling to prevent pimples and acne. So I decided to share the best tips I have learned over the years to prevent pimples from occurring on my face.

How To Prevent Pimples on Your Face

1. Balance Your Hormones

Excess levels of the androgen hormone is a key reason that triggers your skin to produce more oil. And this excess oil causes clogged pores which eventually result in acne.

So figure out what is causing your skin to produce more androgens. Is it too much sugar intake? A diet filled with processed/readymade foods? Nutrient deficiencies? Sedentary lifestyle? PCOS?

And then work on a solution to fix the cause.

  • Swap refined flour/maida with whole wheat flour.
  • Stop consuming aerated drinks/ desserts on a regular basis
  • Drink spearmint tea to reduce androgen levels in the body.
  • Exercise for a few minutes every day.
  • Swap readymade snacks/biscuits with homecooked options etc.

DIY clay masks also work well in absorbing excess oils. Here are some homemade recipes you can try out.

clay mask to prevent pimples

2. Get Exfoliating

Another reason for clogged pores is dead skin buildup on your skin. So exfoliate regularly and buff away these dead skin cells to prevent pimples.

Make sure you are being gentle with your skin to avoid irritation. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is usually enough. And avoid sugar or walnut based scrubs on your face.

ubtan india d tan scrub
Ubtan India D-Tan Scrub

3. Get Rid of Makeup

No, I don’t want you to throw away your entire makeup stash. But make sure to remove makeup properly every night to avoid clogged pores.

Double cleanse your skin. And no, using a wet-wipe won’t count as a cleanse.

Pick a cleansing balm(Earth Rhythm has some good options) or makeup remover and follow up with hydrating face wash to remove all traces of makeup to prevent acne.

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juicy chemistry makeup remover review

4. Be Gentle

Cleansing too often with strong face washes or even exfoliating too much can destroy the lipid barrier and mess up skin’s natural microbiome (healthy microorganisms that reside in your skin).

So always pick gentle products. I know its hard to resist if you have oily skin but don’t cleanse more than twice a day.

P.s. Use a moisturizer even if you have oily skin.

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5. Use Linoleic Acid 

there is no need to skip oils if you have oily skin. In fact, oily skin is deficient in a fatty acid called linoleic acid due to excess sebum(which is mostly oleic acid).

So oils rich in linoleic acid will help achieve a balance. I will recommend 2-3 drops of rosehip oil every night as it helps with fading acne scars too and works as an antioxidant. 

Here are other oils that are rich in linoleic acid and beneficial for oily/acne-prone skin. (Pick what suits your needs)

juicy chemisitry rosehip oil to prevent pimples

6. Keep Your Hair Clean

If your hair is dirty or your scalp is prone to product build-up it can also contribute to your acne, especially on the forehead. This dirt and oil can come in contact with your skin when you sleep leading to pore-clogging.

So treat your dandruff, wash your hair at least twice a week and change your pillow covers frequently to prevent pimples on your forehead and cheeks.

And don’t sleep on your face!

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7. Don’t Extract/ Pick Your Pimples.

When you try to pick a pimple, it can spread the bacteria in the surrounding area or push it deeper in the skin. This leads to even more acne and whiteheads.

Even extracting blackheads at home is a bad move as it can get inflamed and turn into pimple(been there, done that). Hence, extraction is best left to professional estheticians and dermatologists.

Opt for salicylic acid serum instead if you need to get rid of blackheads/treat active acne. It is gentler and effective.

the ordinary salicylic acid serum to prevent pimples
The Ordinary 2% Salicylic Acid Solution for gentle chemical exfoliation

8. Maintain the pH Balance.

This means no baking soda scrubs or applying undiluted lemon juice on your face. All these random internet hacks destroy your acid mantle by messing your skin’s pH levels.

Your skin’s pH level is usually between 4.5 to 6.2. So avoid products that are either too acidic(lemon juice, apple cider vinegar) or too alkaline (baking soda).

9. Reduce Inflammation

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition. And a diet high in refined sugar and processed foods leads to inflammation in the body along with excess oil.

Stress is another cause for inflammation in your skin. So if you want to prevent pimples, look after your mental health and learn to say NO.

Some people even find dairy to be inflammatory. So cut that out too and see if it works for you. 

I am still working on the sugar control part(it’s hard!). But try to reduce as much as you can.

no sugar to prevent pimples

10. Use Antioxidants

An antioxidant like Vitamin C or green tea can be a huge help in preventing clogged pores that lead to acne. They help prevent squalene in your skin from oxidising which can otherwise turn into a comedogenic substance that clogs your pores. 

Green Tea also helps in reducing excess oil produced by too much androgen. So say yes to green tea and other antioxidants in your acne-prone skincare products.

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11. Use Acne-Fighting Ingredients Regularly

There are several antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients like tea tree, neem, salicylic acid, turmeric etc. that help prevent pimples. Include these ingredients in your skincare routine to fight acne-causing bacteria.

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Remember, there may be more than one cause behind your acne. So there is no miracle cure for preventing pimples forever.

But yes, when you follow these tips, you will definitely start seeing positive results in a few weeks.

Get access to my Beauty Library to download a 25 point checklist that will help your figure out how to prevent and treat acne and pimples.

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