juicy chemistry makeup remover review

Juicy Chemistry Makeup Remover Review

Last Updated on May 30, 2020

I ran out of my micellar water in December and was looking for a natural alternative to replace. That’s when my eyes landed on the Juicy Chemistry Fig, Maple and Damask Rose Makeup Remover.

Not only was the Juicy Chemistry Makeup Remover all organic, but it also seemed to function similar to micellar water, a concept I have come to love due to their ease of use.

So I decided to go ahead with this organic remover makeup which is one of its kind in India. Now I usually don’t wear makeup on a regular basis.

But I had a family wedding coming up where I would be wearing full-face makeup for all functions. So this gave me the perfect opportunity to test how effective this organic makeup remover from Juicy chemistry is.

Product Claims Of Juicy Chemistry Makeup Remover:

We bet removing makeup was never this easy and safe! Our Fig, Maple Syrup & Rose makeup cleanser not only strips out all traces of makeup and dirt from your pores but also nourishes and replenishes the skin. 

Maple syrup is a natural pore cleanser which also hydrates and tightens the skin. Rose helps extract accumulated makeup and oil from clogged pores and its astringent properties help tone the skin.

 It also delivers moisture to the skin and maintains its pH balance. Vitamin C enriched Fig seed oil boosts collagen and elastin in the skin making it soft, supple and brighter.

Price: Rs.550 for 100ml

Shelf life: 6 months

juicy chemistry makeup remover review

About the Product:

The Juicy Chemistry Makeup Remover has a watery consistency that foams slightly on application. It has no added fragrance and has a pale yellow colour.

The makeup remover is housed in a frosted glass jar with a pump dispenser. It also has a plastic cap to cover the dispenser and avoid any leaks. The outer cardboard packaging has all details and ingredients printed on it.


Aqua, Potassium Oliviate*, Lavendula Augustafoia(Lavender) Distillate, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Distillate, Potassium Cocoate*, Potassium Castorate*, Potassium Hemp Seedate*, Potassium Fig Seedate*, Tocopherol, Acer Saccharinum(Maple Syrup).

*Saponified oils of olive, coconut, castor, hemp seed and fig seed.

juicy chemistry makeup remover review

Directions to Use:

Take a few drops of product on a cotton pad. Gently wipe off the makeup in circular motions from face, eyes and lips. Repeat if necessary. Rinse with water after use.

Disclaimer: Our makeup cleanser is a true soap and may sting eyes. We recommend using it very carefully around the eyes to remove kajal/eyeliner/mascara. 

My Experience Using The Juicy Chemistry Makeup Remover:

I like how the Juicy chemistry has stayed clear of all essential oils and made this makeup remover completely scent-free. The ingredient list too is simple and made up of saponified oils diluted with rose and lavender hydrosol with just a dash of maple syrup.

To be honest, when I first pick up this makeup cleanser, I was mentally prepared for it to fail since it has no surfactants in it. And I had a full-face of makeup including a water-proof mascara and liquid lipstick.

I expected it to struggle with the liquid lipstick since it is smudge-proof. But to my surprise, it removed it with just a slight hint of colour left behind (which comes off with a facewash). 

It takes a few seconds of massaging the makeup remover on my lips to get it off, but that’s okay since the lipstick is quite stubborn.

With the exception of liquid lipstick, it removed other makeup items like concealer, eyeliner, foundation and even regular lipsticks pretty easily. There was no sticky residue sitting on the skin after cleansing too. Yet, following up with a face wash or gentle cleanser is a must to complete the cleansing routine.

The only thing that I struggled with was removing eye makeup. As the brand has clearly mentioned, it stings my eyes pretty bad with the slightest contact.

I used a cotton bud to remove the eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner came off easily but removing the mascara without avoiding eye contact was a bit difficult for me.

I don’t wear mascara often, so I can bear with it. But, if you wear it on a daily basis, this could be a problem for you.

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  • Made with organic saponified oils
  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan
  • Will suit all skin types
  • Removes makeup quite well
  • Non-drying and suitable for daily use
  • Will easily last 2-3 months with regular use.


  • Can sting eyes badly so oil is required to remove mascara.

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Final Thoughts On Juicy Chemistry Makeup Remover:

This Makeup Remover is the perfect organic cleanser for all skin types. It can remove makeup efficiently and is ideal for daily use. Since there are no essential oils used, it will suit sensitive skin too.

Definitely give this a try if you are looking for gentle makeup remover or even a just gentle morning cleanser for everyday purpose.

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