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Bonsoul Witch Hazel Toner Review

Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Last month I purchased Bonsoul Witch Hazel Toner. I just thought toners were a thing of the past and with all these advanced facewashes we have, a complete unnecessity.

CTM is the basic step in every skincare routine. I have read about it thousand times yet never followed through.

After various futile attempts at controlling oiliness, I thought maybe this step is what’s missing from my routine. So I went ahead and purchased Bonsoul Witch Hazel Distillate.

I read a lot about how witch hazel is good for oily skin and thus decided to try pure witch hazel distillate from Amazon. Here’s my experience after using it for over a month now.

bonsoul witch hazel toner review

Product Claims:

Bonsoul Witch Hazel distillate is alcohol-free and can be used in sensitive skin formulations/ applications such as eye creams, shaving creams, toners & cleansers and wound care products.

Witch hazel distillate (hydrosol/water) comes with soothing natural astringent properties and is an effective skin cleansing & conditioning ingredient.

It removes excess oil (sebum) and helps in controlling oil production. Witch hazel is widely used as a toner and comes with other benefits such as pores tightening and reducing skin blemishes.

It soothes & calms wound itching, irritation & discomfort. Bonsoul Witch Hazel Distillate (hydrosol) is derived from steam distillation of twigs from organically grown witch hazel plant.

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Price: Rs 300 for 100 ml, Rs. 525 for 200ml. Buy here

Shelf life: 3 years

About the Product:

It comes in a transparent plastic spray bottle with a protective cap. The packaging is sturdy and leak-proof. The toner is a clear liquid and looks just like water.

The smell is not a pleasant one since its pure witch hazel. It also comes with an instruction booklet on how to use it which is super handy.


99.85% Witch Hazel Distillate (imported from the USA); 0.15% Preservative (Benzoic Acid)

Directions to use:

Please wash your hands first to prevent the transfer of bacteria to your face. Wash & rinse your face as usual.

Pump spray Bonsoul witch hazel on a cotton pad/ball and gently apply to your face or splash on directly from the bottle to remove soap residue and impurities.

No need to pat dry it, let the natural witch hazel condition your skin. Please make sure to give time for the skin to adjust to the product.

Start with once a day for the first few days. A patch test is recommended to check for skin sensitivity.

bonsoul witch hazel toner

My Experience Using Bonsoul Witch hazel Distillate:

Unlike other toners with witch hazel as an ingredient, this is 100% pure witch hazel water. It is made just like rose water, by steam distilling twigs from witch hazel plant.

It is a natural astringent without any alcohol and just has added preservative, the purest form available in the Indian market and organic too(similar formulation but a slightly pricier option).

I have been using this for the past month and I am already loving it. I use it in the morning post facewash, 2-3 sprays are enough to cover the face.

You can use it on the cotton pad too but I like spraying it directly and let it dry and follow it with a moisturizer ( I use this one).

Now, my skin gets oily within an hour of washing my face but after using witch hazel, it stays oil-free longer.  It keeps my skin oil-free for 2 hours even though its summertime which is a great feat to conquer. The smell is not pleasant but disappears within seconds.

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It can also help reduce the appearance of large pores. However, it will take some time before I start seeing some results.

Some people complain that witch hazel dries out their skin, but I haven’t faced any such issues. The information booklet that comes with it suggests using it once a day initially to allow the skin to adjust it. I have been following it and it works well for me.

The Bonsoul Witch Hazel Distillate is an amazing toner for oily-acne prone skin in my opinion.

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  • Pure and organic witch hazel water
  • No additives or artificial fragrances
  • Controls sebum production.
  • Maintains pH levels and removes soap residue
  • Alcohol-free
  • Convenient spray bottle packaging.
  • Available in different size options
  • Value for money


  • Couldn’t find any
bonsoul witch hazel toner

Final Thoughts On Bonsoul Witch Hazel Distillate:

If you are looking for a good toner for oily skin/ acne-prone skin, definitely give this a try. You can use it even if you have combination or dry skin by mixing it with rose water.

If you have dry skin, I would recommend mixing this with equal parts of rosewater to use it as a toner. You can also use this for various other purposes and DIY products.

Add Bonsoul witch hazel toner to your current skincare routine as a natural alcohol-free astringent/ toner as an alternative to harsh-drying alcohol-based toners. Let me know if it works for you too.

Some Facts About Witch Hazel:

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is a shrub native to North America. It antimicrobial, anti- Inflammatory and a natural astringent. Witch hazel is used for a variety of skin issues including acne, insect bites, small cuts and bruises, sunburns, poison ivy, anti-ageing etc.

The name sounds scary but it is powerhouse ingredient so keep a bottle handy.

Witch Hazel tightens the pores thus reducing sebum production, helping the skin stay oil-free for a longer duration. It also helps restore skin’s pH balance and remove any leftover soap residue.

Witch Hazel water is used as an ingredient in a lot of toners in the market due to its amazing astringent properties thanks to high levels of tannins.

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