Skincare Villa Oats and Almond Cleanser Review

Skincare Villa Oats and Almond Cleanser review
Hey guys, today’s review is about a powder cleanser from Skincare Villa, a brand owned by fellow blogger Sonali Patil who sells homemade skincare products made with natural ingredients without any preservatives or synthetic chemicals. She sent me a couple of products for my skin type to try out and one of it was the Skincare Villa Oats Almond Cleanser.
Price: Rs.240 for 50 grams
Availability: Skincare Villa Instagram Page here
Shelf life: 6 months
Skincare Villa Oats and Almond Cleanser review
About the product:
This is a powder cleanser which comes in a transparent plastic jar with a black screw top lid. The cleanser has large granules which become a paste when mixed with water. It has a mild rose fragrance to it.
Ingredients: Oats, Almond, Rose petals, Almond oil, Grapeseed Carrier oil
Skincare Villa Oats and Almond Cleanser review
Directions to use:
Take a small amount of cleanser and add water to make a smooth paste. Gradually massage your face in circular motions and wash off with cold water. Do not rub harshly
My Experience using Skincare Villa Oats and Almond Cleanser:
This is the first time I tried a powder cleanser and wasn’t expecting much from it. I have super oily skin and thought it wouldn’t thoroughly remove the greasiness. But this cleanser proved me wrong.
The main ingredient in this cleanser is oats, which contains saponin, a cleansing agent. Due to oats and almonds particles, the cleanser has a grainy consistency which turns to a granular paste. The granules result in a scrubbing effect on the skin. There is a mild fallout while massaging the paste on the skin so you need to work it in sections.
Skincare Villa Oats and Almond Cleanser review
The cleanser effectively cleans out all dirt and oil. Since there is no soap or surfactant involved, the skin doesn’t feel dry or stretchy. The cleanser leaves the skin supple with a lovely glow. You only need a lightweight moisturizer after using this( like this one). But the best thing is that skin stays oil free for good 2-3 hours as it does not strip away natural oils produced by our skin. It is perfect to use in the morning when you need some gentle cleansing and you can use it at night too if you don’t have makeup on.

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  • Natural ingredients
  • No preservative
  • Super gentle on skin
  • Doesn’t strip away natural oils
  • Leaves skin glowing and supple
  • Works as a mild exfoliator
  • Affordable
  • Will suit oily and combination skin well
  • The application can be slightly messy due to the grainy consistency

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Final Thoughts:
I love Skincare Villa Oats and Almond Cleanser. It does an amazing job of cleansing the skin without any soap or surfactants. It has changed my perspective on powder cleansers and I can’t wait to try out more options. Will definitely look forward to incorporating dry cleansers in my skincare routine.
* The product was sent to me by the brand but the review and opinions are completely honest and unbiased.

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