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Where To Buy The Best Powder Cleanser in India

Last Updated on March 8, 2022

If you have never tried out a powder cleanser, you are missing out on its amazing skincare benefits. Initially, even I didn’t believe a powder face wash would work until I tried my first one and fell in love.

If the regular foaming facewashes and soaps tend to dry out or irritate your skin, powder cleansers are the perfect alternative for you. I just love how they manage to cleanse my skin gently and make it look brighter and soft.

In fact, I have even made my own DIY powder cleanser at home ( here is the easiest guide you can find). But if you are new to the concept of using a face wash that has no surfactants and is in dry form, you may wanna try a readymade option first.

Thanks to their popularity and the rise of clean beauty brands, we now have several options to choose from.

What is a Powder Cleanser Exactly?

Powder cleanser is similar to traditional ubtan used for bathing in ancient India. They are made with a blend of oats, pulse, and powdered herbs which cleanse skin without stripping away any moisture.

You have to add either water, hydrosol, milk or curd to form a paste that can be massaged on your skin as a cleanser. I find it suits extremely well for our morning cleansing routine as our skin doesn’t need intense cleansing in AM.

However, with more brands in India coming up with foaming powder face cleansers, your evening skincare routine will be sorted too.

Hence, I decided to share a list of the 7 brands that make some of the best powder cleansers in India. Some of these are quite affordable if you want to continue using them on a daily basis too.

P.s. If you are into DIYs, check out this easy guide for making your own custom powder cleanser recipe for cheap at home.

Best Powder Cleanser in India

1. Skincare Villa

You just cannot go wrong with a Skincare Villa Powder Cleanser. I have used 4 different variants and love each one them. The owner Sonali is the one who first introduced me to the concept of powder cleanser, and she definitely makes some of the best ones in India.

Skincare Villa offers 7 different variants of powder cleansers to suit different skin types which are super affordable too. You can order them on their Instagram page.

They are available in 25 and 50 grams packaging with an option to choose glass, plastic or pouch packaging. 

best affordable cleanser for oily skin

2. Raw Beauty

If you are looking for organic powder cleanser, look no further than Raw Beauty. They offer 3 different variants-

  • Neemoi for oily/acne-prone skin
  • Gulaabo for dry to combination skin
  • Cool Kid for whiteheads, blackheads and hut flushes.

Each one of these is made with beautiful ingredients like moringa, banana powder, white turmeric, vetiver, mint etc.

I used the Neemoi cleanser last year and think it works quite well for oily skin types.  

These retail at Rs. 500 for 75 grams and you can choose either a glass jar or paper pouch.

raw beauty neemoi

3. The Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Cleanser

This is an ayurvedic powder face cleanser made with some indigenous ayurvedic herbs like sandalwood, neem, manjistha, nutgrass etc.

The cleanser is a finely milled powder that works very well as a face brightening cleanser too. It exfoliates very mildly and is not abrasive making it great for even acne-prone skin.

It cleanses the skin well and arrives in a 100-gram pack so you are sorted for 2-3 months at least. ou mix it with gram flour to make an ubtan as well. Read my full review here.

the tribe concepts cleanser review

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4. Blended Botanica

Blended Botanica was the first brand to introduce a foaming powder cleanser in India which made it an instant hit. Despite being priced higher than most powder cleansers, it is a best seller since it is loved by people who like their cleansers to foam.

Rich in antioxidants, the Blended Botanica Wild Foaming Powder Cleanser can be used even in your evening skincare routine(due to its foaming nature) and is suitable for all skin types.

5. Kalya Shastra

Kalya Shastra’s powder cleansers remind me of the ancient Indian tradition of using ubtans to cleanse our skin. They have even given them Sanskrit names like Anantam, Sukhshma and Haridra.

These powder cleansers are made with various powdered herbs and fruit extracts and will be great for people with tanned skin.

Kalya Shastra offers are 4 variants-

  • Guara– for cleansing face and body 
  • Sukshma– for sensitive skin and babies
  • Anantam- For soothing, brightening and removing tan
  • Haridra- for exfoliating and clarifying skin

These are sold in aluminium tins and paper pouches as well. Grab them from their website.

6. Earth Rhythm (Soapworks India)

If you want exfoliating powder cleansers that foam without any plastic-free packaging, look no further then Earth Rhythm Cleansing Buffs. They have 8 different variants and most of them should work well for all skin types. 

These foaming powder cleansers are sold in glass jars and also come along with a coconut bowl, scoop and a tiny brush to apply it on your skin.

You can buy them on Amazon

7. Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda’s Mridul Face Cleanser has been around for ages but often goes unnoticed. It is a blend of herbs and pulses which helps cleanse your face without any soap.
They have colloidal oats as a key ingredient which has some amazing skin-soothing properties. It falls in the luxury bracket but if it fits your budget, keep it in consideration. It is suitable for all skin types.

Grab it on Amazon

What’s your favourite powder cleanser? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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best powder cleanser for all skin types in India.
best powder cleanser for all skin types in India.

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