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The Easiest Guide to Make A DIY Powder Cleanser

Last Updated on March 23, 2023

DIY powders cleansers are a wonderful option to cleanse your face every day. They are similar to ubtans and can be easily made at home using ingredients straight from your kitchen.

As a way to save money spent on skincare products, I decided to make a simple yet effective powder cleanser at home as it needs just 2-3 ingredients. Not only did it save me money, it also turned out to be a sustainable cleansing option that does not dry out the skin.

Making facial powder cleansers is easy and does not need any expert knowledge. There is no need to add a preservative too. 

You just have to choose a base ingredient and some herbal powders based on your skin concern. Do that and you are all set. 

diy powder cleanser guide

How to Choose Ingredients for DIY Powder Cleanser?

1. The Base

The base ingredient for the cleanser should have cleansing properties. Oats is the most popular ingredient used in almost powder cleansers on the market. 

It soothes the skin and has natural saponins that cleanse the skin without causing any dryness or irritation. Other options you can use are gram flour, rice flour or even kaolin clay if you have oily skin. 

I already had some rolled oats at home so I ground them in the mixer to form a powder-like texture. I also used some gram flour to the mix to help bind oats and orange peel together.

2. A Mild Exfoliator

I chose orange peel powder which I made at home a few months ago. They work amazingly well to scrub dead skin cells and make the skin brighter due to their high Vitamin C content. Other options you can use are lemon peel powder, hemp powder, almond meal, or rolled oats. 

3. Herbal Powders

You can either skip this part or go as crazy and fancy as you like while choosing your herbs for the powder cleanser. Keep in mind your skin type and any specific problems you want to target. Here are some suggestion for ingredients you can use based upon your skin type.

For all skin types– liquorice root, vetiver, rose, avarampoo, turmeric, green tea 

For dry skin– hibiscus, rose, aloe vera, milk powder, coconut flour

For oily skin– tulsi, neem, moringa, mint, rosemary, clay, mint

For sensitive skin– chamomile, calendula, lavender 

For detox– activated charcoal powder, spirulina

Check out this post on various brands in India that sell quality ingredients for DIY skincare and haircare recipes.

How To Make Your Own DIY Powder Cleanser.

Once you have decided what ingredients you want to use in you powder cleanser, all you need to do is combine them together and store it in a clean, empty jar. It’s as easy as it sounds.

diy powder cleanser guide

Here are the ingredients and their proportions I used in my DIY Citrus Cleanser-

  • 50% orange peel powder
  • 30% ground oats
  • 20% gram flour

There are no specific rules regarding the proportion of the ingredients you need to use. Try preparing a small batch and make adjustments until you get the desired consistency.

I suggest using at least 40-50% of the base ingredient(s) and remaining can divided between the herbs, exfoliator and clay.

Do keep in mind that ingredients like turmeric and activated charcoal can stain your skin so its best to use them in smaller proportions.

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How To Use Your Powder Cleanser.

Now that your cleanser is ready, its time to incorporate it in your routine. The best time to use a powder cleanser is in the morning skincare routine when your skin is free of makeup and does not require deep cleansing. 

Scoop out around ½ tsp of cleanser using a dry spoon into your palm or a bowl and activate it with water. Take caution to not let any water enter the jar as it could lead to microbial growth. And ruin your cleanser.

Optionally you can also use a hydrosol, milk or curd to activate the cleanser. Make a paste and start applying on the skin in a circular motion. Massage it for 30-40 seconds and rinse off with water.

summer essentials for oily skin
Use rose water instead of plain water to activate your powder cleansers.

An amazing feature about powder cleanser is that you can double it up as a facemask too. After massaging it on the skin, leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off. 

This way the herbs and clay will deep clean and nourish your skin. If you are lazy when it comes to skincare, powder cleanser is a great multi-tasking choice as it can cleanse, exfoliate and act as a facemask too.

I have fallen in love with powder cleansers over the past year as they keep my skin hydrated and add a subtle glow too(although temporary, it is worth it!)

I definitely recommend trying out a few variations to see what works for your skin. Have you ever tried making your own DIY powder cleanser? Share the recipe in the comments section below.

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