the tribe concepts cleanser review

The Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Daily Cleanser Review

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

My morning skincare routine feels incomplete without a good powder cleanser. So for the past two months, I have been using The Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Daily Cleanser. 

the tribe concepts cleanser review

Made with some beautiful Ayurvedic herbs like chandan, manjishta, haldi, khus, gulab, this 3-in-1 cleanser is sure to tempt all ubtan lovers. But how does it fare in terms of cleansing and brightening my skin? Keep reading this review to find out.

Product Claims:

Our “Face Brightening Daily Cleanser” is made with 12 organic tribal forest sourced ingredients which are amazing for skin care. It helps in skin brightening, getting an even tone, for spot reduction, tan removal, blackhead removal and imparts a young, vivacious and clear skin.

the tribe concepts cleanser review

Price: Rs 519 for 100grams (without steel jar)

Shelf life:  1 year

About the product:

The cleanser is finely milled ochre powder with a mild herbal scent. It is packed in a resealable pouch and is available in steel jar packaging as well.


Organic Sandalwood, Manjistha, Tunga Musta(nutgrass), Kachuralu, Bavanchalu(bakuchi), Fenugreek, Sun Dried Rose Petals, Wild Turmeric Root, Holy Basil Leaves, Neem Leaves, Vetiver, Sugandi Root

the tribe concepts cleanser review

Directions to Use:

Take 1 teaspoon of cleanser in a bowl/hand and mix it with the required amount of water and apply it all over your face and neck. Massage gently with your fingertips in a circular motion for 30-60 seconds. Wash off with plain water and pat dry. Use it every day for flawless skin and an even tone.

My Experience Using The Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Daily Cleanser:

The cleanser is made with a lot of soothing and antimicrobial herbs, all of which are native to India. It has an ayurvedic scent to it but isn’t unpleasant either.

I use a wooden spoon to scoop out about a tsp of quantity and mix it with water. the paste feels smooth glides easily on the skin. I leave it on for a couple of minutes before massaging and rinsing with water. It removes excess oil and dirt and doesn’t dry out the skin during the process.

the tribe concepts cleanser review

I judge cleansers only based on their cleansing prowess alone. But since The Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Daily Cleanser claims to brighten skin, I expected it to excel in that department. Especially since most powder cleansers seem to have a brightening effect on my skin.

This is why I was not completely satisfied with this cleanser despite its good job at cleansing. To get the brightening effect I have to use a generous amount and keep it on for at least 10 minutes as a face mask. Only then does my skin look radiant and even-toned. 

While this may not be an issue for everyone, face masking every single morning feels like a chore after a while. Another disadvantage of this is that it doesn’t offer any exfoliation as well due to its smooth texture. So don’t expect it to fulfill claims of blackhead removal. 

the tribe concepts cleanser review

Overall, it is a good cleanser that does the job without causing any damage. And despite having some beautiful ingredients, it lacks the X-Factor that tempts you into using this over other powder cleansers in the market.


  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Cleanses skin well
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • No artificial additives
  • Available in sustainable packaging options
  • Affordable price
  • Doubles as a de-tanning/ brightening face mask
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • May not brighten your skin unless you use it as a face mask.

Final Thoughts on The Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Daily Cleanser :

A decent face cleanser that doesn’t irritate your skin. If you are looking for a gentle ayurvedic cleanser that doubles up as a brightening face mask or even just looking for an affordable ayurvedic face mask, do give this try.

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