juicy chemistry grapefruit camellia body oil

Juicy Chemistry Grapefruit & Camellia Body Oil review

I have never used body oils so far. I have dry skin so need deep nourishing body lotions during winters. And during summers I usually don’t like using any body moisturizer due to the high humidity in Mumbai. But Juicy Chemistry sent this Grapefruit & Camellia Body Oil as part of the PR package and it smelled wonderful so I decided to use it in my routine.

Product Claims:

Formulated with essential fatty acid-rich ingredients, this body oil deeply hydrates the skin, fortifies the skin’s natural barrier and helps promote even skin tone. It also supports skin repair from free radical damage and reduces the appearance of early signs of aging. A hydrating blend of camellia, baobab and grapeseed oil helps rejuvenate and replenish skin.

Price: Rs. 750 for 30ml

Shelf life: 9 months

About the Product:

The oil is sold in an amber glass jar with a euro dropper to dispense the oil. The oil is lime yellow in color and has a soothing citrusy scent.


Camellia Seed Oil, Baobab Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Lemon Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil.

juicy chemistry grapefruit camellia body oil

Directions to Use:

Use it as a body moisturizer day and night. 

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My Experience Using Juicy Chemistry Grapefruit & Camellia Body Oil:

When I first opened the bottle I had some trouble getting the product out using the euro dropper. So I had to widen the hole in the dispenser to get the oil out seamlessly.

The body oil is very lightweight in texture. It sinks into the skin easily when applied on slightly damp skin. So the best time to use this is straight after your shower. It also adds a nice healthy sheen to my legs which can be helpful when you wear short outfits and need your legs to shine.

juicy chemistry grapefruit camellia body oil

The oil has a beautiful lime hue and smells citrusy. Unlike the artificial citrus fragrance in mainstream products, the aroma of the Juicy Chemistry Grapefruit & Camellia Body Oil is extremely soothing. 

The fragrance lingers around for a few minutes and then slowly starts fading as the day passes. So even if you have a sensitive nose, you can enjoy this product.

Since the oil is lightweight, it hydrates the skin but doesn’t moisturize dry patches. Hence, this grapefruit and camellia oil is definitely not meant for dry skin or the winter season.

juicy chemistry grapefruit camellia body oil

But for the summers, this is the perfect body oil due to its fresh, energizing scent. It makes the ritual of applying the oil feel extremely therapeutic. So if you are looking to pamper yourself, this is a wonderful product to buy.

Overall, it is beautiful hydrating body oil. It is definitely expensive since it certified organic product. But if you need a pick me up on a tiring day, this body oil from Juicy Chemistry won’t disappoint you.

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  • Certified organic by Ecocert
  • Lightweight consistency
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy
  • Has uplifting, relaxing scent
  • No artificial additives
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan
  • Hydrates skin well
  • Sustainable packaging


  • Not suitable for dry skin types

Final Thoughts on Juicy Chemistry Grapefruit and Camellia Body Oil :

Beautiful aroma and lightweight consistency make this a wonderful product to pamper your body. I won’t be repurchasing this for now since I am on a strict budget. But if I ever decide to splurge on a product for a therapeutic self-care ritual, I know what to buy.

You can buy this from Juicy Chemistry Website (Use code DEMURE10 to get 10% off on your order)

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