best beauty tools india
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Upgrade Your Skincare Routine With These Amazing Beauty Tools.

Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Cleansing well,  moisturizing daily, and using sunscreen are the basic fundamentals of good skincare routine. If you have already nailed these basics and are ready to level up, here are some of the best beauty tools in India for your skincare routine that you may want to invest in.

There are plenty of tools being invented or reinvented these days to help make our skincare routines more effective. Often called accessories, these beauty tools can often deliver great results.

Some are practical and can improve the performance of our skincare products. Then there are others that are simply overhyped in my opinion( like facial rollers).

Please keep in mind that these beauty tools are not absolute must-have products. So if you are on budget, you probably want to skip some of these as they can be heavy on the pocket. You won’t miss out anything.

But a few of these can actually help you save money in the long run and make your routine a bit easier too. here are my top 6 picks worth buying.

best beauty tools india
best beauty tools india

Best Beauty Tools for Face and Body Massage

1. Gua Sha

Guasha tools need no introduction by now. They have taken the beauty industry by storm since their reinvention just a couple of years ago. 

A lot has been said about the benefits of this ancient Chinese massage technique- from giving you an instant facelift to erasing wrinkles. Please don’t expect such miracles from an at-home face massage tool.

The key advantages of using a gua sha for face are increased blood circulation and proper drainage of lymphatic fluids. It can also enhance the absorption of facial oils and balms and help turn your skincare routine into a much-needed therapeutic self-care ritual.

Gua Sha beauty tools are made of crystals like jade, rose quartz, amethysts, etc, and available in various shapes too. So there may also be an added advantage for you if you believe in the healing energy of crystals. Pick one that you like and use it to massage your face.

best beauty tools india

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2. Kansa Wand

Yet another face massage tool that you can use in your skincare routine to improve lymphatic drainage and boost blood circulation. These tools work like Gua Sha and are easier to use. 

Kansa is a copper alloy with its origins in Ayurveda. It can help reduce inflammation, balance your skin, and has other therapeutic benefits as well.

These Kansa wands have a wooden handle and a rounded Kansa tip. They can be used to massage your face as well as your body. Use it with a facial oil in your nighttime routine for a relaxing wellness ritual.

Where to Buy?

Ohria Ayurveda Vataki Face Massage Wand

Best Beauty Tools for Exfoliation

3. Loofah

Want to save money on body scrubs and exfoliators? Just get a loofah(the natural one and not the plastic alternative).

Loofah sponges are fibers of the ridge guard plant and hence considered sustainable beauty tools. Once you are done with them, just discard them in your compost bin.

The fibers have a coarse texture that helps exfoliate your body and will even remove some body hair. Plus, they are super cheap and can be used in your shower making them convenient. 

Tip: Soak them in your bucket for a couple of minutes to soften them up and sun dry after use to extend their shelf life.

Where to Buy?

I got mine from Bon Organics but you can find them easily on Amazon as well as in local stores.

best beauty tools india

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4. Bath Mitts

If a loofah feels harsh for your skin, try bath mitts. Made from a coarse cloth, these exfoliating gloves can be worn during the shower lather up your soaps, and slough dead skin at the same time.

Unlike loofahs that can be 2-3 times a week, a bath mitten can is suitable for daily use and lasts quite long. So it will be a worthy investment to get smooth, exfoliated skin.

Where to Buy?

Juicy Chemistry has a makeup remover mitt for the face and copper and a linen bath mitt for the body. Shop them here. (Discount code: DEMURE10)

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Best Beauty Tools for Cleansing

5. Reusable Cotton Pads.

Are you still buying cotton pads to remove makeup or apply toners? Stop wasting your money and help save the environment too by buying some reusable makeup remover pads instead.

Made from cloth, your can wash and reuse them again and again making them a one-time investment. If you are up for some DIY, you can sew them at home from an old T-shirt or simply buy them online.

Where to Buy?

Bubble Farm Bamboo Makeup remover pads

Bubble Farm Hemp Makeup remover pads

Earth Rhythm Charcoal Facial Pads

20% Discount code: DEMURE20

best beauty tools india

6. Konjac Sponges.

If you ever wished for a gentler version of loofah that you could use on your face, buy a konjac sponge. This biodegradable sponge is made from konjac root, a vegetable grown in Japan.

You can use it alongside your facewash for mild exfoliation and better cleansing. 

Unlike cleansing brushes, even people with acne-prone skin can use this sponge since it is soft and gentle. The only con is it needs to be discarded every few weeks and can hence prove expensive in long run. 

Where To Buy:

Bubble Farm Konjac Sponge

konjac sponge

Try these amazing beauty tools for face and body to simplify and level up your skincare routine.

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  • Shilpa Doley

    What a timing! Loved reading your blog. And, yes gua sha helps with lymphatic drainage, reduction of migraine headache, congestion among others. Expecting some miraculous claims is just downright disrespectful for an ancient healing modality. Glad you have covered all the points. Also, I’m loving the charcoal pads from TheEarthrhytm🥰💕.

    • Rutu

      Thank you so much Shilpa for the feedback. Yes, it is truly disrespectful to expect miracles from holistic healing techniques.

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