Bon Organics Aloe Vera Gel Review

Bon organics aloe vera gel review
We are all familiar with the numerous benefits of aloe vera on skin and hair. But I also thought it wouldn’t suffice my oily skin needs. But while I was looking for a good night cream, I found some people were using aloe vera at night for oily skin and saw some great results so I decided to try it too. I am currently using Bon organics Aloe vera gel and here’s my complete experience.
Product claims:
An amazing gel made of organic aloe vera that soothes and leaves your skin with a cool and refreshed feeling. Bio Organic & Natural’s lightweight and non-greasy Aloe Vera gel will smoothly blend into your skin to provide the moisture required while healing dried or cracked skin. This gel is an excellent treatment for first and second-degree burns which calms and accelerates the regeneration of superior skin tissue. This natural action on the skin will also recover sunburned or tanned skin.
Bon organics pure aloe vera gel review
Price: Rs. 135 for 100gms, Rs 265 for 200 gms, Rs 650 for 500gms.
Availability: Only their website
Shelf life: 2 years
About the product:
I have the smallest size and it comes in a transparent plastic jar with a white lid. The small size is perfect to carry around. The gel is transparent with no fragrance.
Ingredients: Not mentioned.
Bon organics pure aloe vera gel review
My Experience using Bon Organics aloe vera gel:
This is the 4th brand of aloe vera brand I have tried in past 2 years. After hearing some great reviews about the Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel I bought it and was satisfied. But then I noticed the packaging and it mentioned that the product was actually manufactured by Bon Organics! And I immediately visited their website and found out the Bon Organics aloe vera gel is just for Rs.135 and that was quite cheaper than the Rustic Art one so I decided to buy that one instead.

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Now there is no ingredient list mentioned on Bon organics aloe vera gel (why Bon why?) but if the rustic art is touted as one of the purest aloe vera gels available in India, the Bon Organics one has to be too since it is manufactured by the same brand. The gel is free of any toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances. Its spreads on skin easily and isn’t sticky at all. I use this at night after washing my face wash as a night cream and it gets absorbed instantly. It has a light almost negligible aloe smell to it.
Bon organics pure aloe vera gel review
It really soothes the skin when used post threading or waxing and has never irritated my skin(unlike Dr. Jain’s which stung my eyes). I have used gels from Dr. Jain’s and Nature’s essence and this is hands down the winner in terms of both price and quality. There are other variants of aloe vera gel as well targeting different issues like pigmentation, acne etc. So you can buy one that suits your needs. I purchased plain aloe vera since it can be used for multiple purposes.
Coming to ingredients, the Rustic Art has aloe vera, lemon extract and TCLS(natural preservative) listed as ingredients, so I am judging that the Bon Organics Aloe Vera Gel will be the same formula so I am satisfied with it. I also found out that Naturma Pure Aloe Vera Gel is also manufactured by Bon Organics (their entire range is same as Bon organics) so save your money and buy Bon Organics instead.

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  • Pure aloe vera
  • Not artificial Fragrance or colour
  • Available in different sizes
  • One of the cheapest gel available in India
  • USDA certified organic
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Missing ingredient list
Final Thoughts:
Bon Organics aloe vera gel is hands down winner of purest aloe vera gel in India. You can easily purchase this from their website and they have free shipping throughout India(no minimum order). Incorporate aloe vera into your skincare routine and see the difference yourself.

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