Bon Organics Eyeliner Midnight Review

bon organics eyeliner review

If you have been reading my blog, you already know that I am slowly switching over to clean beauty (read more about it here). While replacing skincare products has been fairly easy for me, finding clean makeup brands is another challenge altogether.

We barely have any options in India and what is available is mostly restricted to lipsticks and kajals. I came across this Bon Organics eyeliner and decided to give it a try since I am already in love with their products.

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Everything About The Clean Beauty Movement in India

I read an article about the Clean Beauty movement taking over the beauty industry in the west a few months ago. And a little research later, I was convinced to replace my most trusted products for good.

Now I am not really a follower of beauty or fashion trends. The world has been going crazy with sheet masks and the 10 step K-beauty skincare. Yet I stood loyal to my homemade face packs for the great wonders it has done to my skin.

But I was determined to try out clean beauty movement as it actually made sense to me.

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