Transform Your Skin With These 18 Healthy Habits

healthy skin habits for glowing skin

Last Updated on February 25, 2020

We get so obsessed with buying new skincare products that we often forget to follow the habits that actually help us get healthy skin. The key to clear, glowing skin is to be gentle and keep the skin well-nourished.

If you too are having troubles with the way your skin looks and feels, here are some changes that will help you take care of your skin in a better way.

Healthy Skin Habits That Will Help Transform Your Skin

1. Use A Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is an all-time star skincare ingredient that will help fix several skin-related issues. It can protect your skin from free radical damage, lighten dark spots and scars, stimulate collagen synthesis and maintain your skin’s firmness and glow.

I am currently using the Vaunt Vitamin C Water and loving it completely. You won’t realise the difference a good Vitamin C serum can make in your skincare routine until you use one.

2. Exfoliate With Caution

Of all the healthy skin habits, this one often goes wrong. Exfoliation can instantly make your skin smoother and brighter, hence we easily tend to go overboard with it.

So practice the healthy habit of choosing an exfoliator with mild granules. And don’t apply too much pressure on your skin while using it.

If you want to try chemical exfoliators, start with the lowest concentration available and gradually buildup the intensity.

3. Wear Sunscreen Everyday

Raise your hands if you are guilty of skipping sunscreen every day too. Using sunscreen is one of the best healthy skin habits as it is an important tool in protecting your skin from harsh UV rays.

Regularly using sunscreen will also prevent signs of photodamage like fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots etc. from forming.

Come rain or shine, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 every day.

mamaearth ultra light sunscreen

4. Be A Minimalist

Using too many products at the same time is not going to give you faster or even better results. It is a healthy habit to have only a few products at a time and keep your skin routine as simple as possible.

This is especially crucial when you are working with active ingredients like vitamin C, retinol or chemical exfoliants. It’s best not to use all of them in the same routine.

Use them on an alternate basis and give your skin time to adjust to these ingredients.

5. Dodge Random Internet DIYs

The internet will sell you the idea of applying any random product in your house to get rid of that zit overnight. But don’t fall for these reckless DIY hacks as they can severely irritate the skin.

Also, stop the following advice of influencers who tell you to apply raw lemon juice, sugar scrubs or undiluted essentials on your face. Y

If you do like DIYs make sure you getting recipes from credible sources.

6. Know When To See A Dermatologist.

OTC prescriptions and skincare products solve a lot of skin issues. But when they fail to make an improvement in your skin or you have a bad reaction to a product, don’t be shy to see a dermatologist.

They know about skin more than any blogger or influencer out there and will give you a proper diagnosis. If you like using natural products, chat with them to see if they can recommend any natural alternatives that you can use.

healthy skin habits to see a dermatologist

7. Nourish Your Skin From Within

Topical Skincare Products only help fix your issues temporarily. But to cure them, you need to pay attention to your eating habits.

I know avoiding processed and junk food completely is not easy these days. But you can definitely incorporate more fresh veggies, fruits and nuts in your meals.

The food you eat is the key source of all the nutrients required for healthy functioning of skin. No amount of skincare will ever replace it.

healthy skin habit eat more veggies

8. Moisturize When Your Skin Is Damp

This healthy skincare habit is especially for people who you have dehydrated skin. When you apply moisturizer on slightly damp skin, it seals that moisture within your skin to keep it hydrated for longer.

So apply your body lotions and body butters straight after towel-drying your skin. And apply your facial moisturizer before the toner completely evaporates and see the difference in your skin’s hydration levels yourself.

9. Reduce Sugar Intake

Eating too much sugar in your diet aggravates acne and inflamed skin. It also breaks down the collagen in your skin leaving you with wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin in the long run.

If you want clear and healthy skin, make it a habit to limit the number of desserts and processed foods you eat every day. Use natural sweeteners instead like honey, jaggery, stevia leaves or even fruits.

healthy skin habits- no sugar

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