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6 Deep Conditioning Hair Masks To Get Softer, Shinier Hair This Winter.

Last Updated on May 30, 2020

Winters can make your hair really dry, unruly and frizzy.  So it is not just your skin that needs extra TLC. And a deep conditioning hair mask is the best product to provide that extra nourishment for dry hair strands.

Hair masks are kind of similar to conditioners that you use while washing your hair. The only difference is that they provide an intense conditioning effect that leaves one with softer, shinier hair.

They can be used by all hair types. But hair masks are a must-have in your hair care routine if you have either dry, curly or damaged hair prone to breakage for their deep conditioning effect. 

Apart from nourishing and strengthening your hair, some hair masks also have treated other issues like dandruff, hair fall and heat damage.

Best Hair Mask For Dry, Frizzy Hair

Here are the 6 best hair mas k for dry, frizzy hair in India made with clean and safe ingredients. They are silicone-free and hence can be used in CG haircare routine.

  • Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask

This a wonderful deep conditioning hair mask for all hair types. However, if you have dry, frizzy hair, you will love using this. It does not weigh down the hair yet helps smoothen frizz and works great as a deep conditioner. 

I even like using it as a regular conditioner when my hair needs extra conditioning. hands down, one the best affordable hair mask for dry frizzy hair in India

Buy this from Amazon. You can also read the full review Of Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask for dry, frizzy hair here.

mamaearth argan hair mask
Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask
  • The Moms Co. KA+ Damage Repair Hair Mask 

This recent launch from The Moms.Co is a protein-hair mask that helps repair damage from heat styling and harsh chemicals. It has amino acids, hydrolysed wheat protein and keratin that help reduce breakage and strengthen hair.

The hair mask also has fatty alcohols and plant oils like castor, olive and murumuru butter that will soften your tresses and reduce frizz. A good choice for heat-damaged or breakage-prone hair.

Shop this on Amazon.

  • Juicy Chemistry Sancha Inchi, Argan and Mango Butter Hair Mask.

With some amazing reviews from its users, this organic hair mask is an amazing choice for dry and frizzy hair. You can apply it before washing your hair as a  pre-shampoo hair treatment.

The ingredients include some rich botanical butters and plant oils. It softens the hair, promotes hair growth and improves shine too. 

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  • Juicy Chemistry Neem Butter, Pumpkin and Ginger Hair Mask

Itchy scalp and flakiness is a common problem during winters due to dryness. And this hair particular hair mask from Juicy Chemistry helps nourish your scalp and control dandruff too.

Ingredients like neem, lemon, tea tree, ginger and rosemary have an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp that help control itching, dandruff and flaky scalp. While argan, olive, baobab and castor oil deeply moisturize the hair to prevent frizz.

You can buy these Juicy Chemistry hair masks from their website. Use code “DEMURE10” to get 10% off on all non-sale days.

  • Earthy Sapo Deep Conditioning Oil-Based Hair Mask

This is a herbal hair mask made with vegan ingredients ideal for pre-shampoo hair treatment. It is an oil-based hair mask which can be mixed with curd and applied to hair to soften and nourish your hair. 

The key ingredients include coconut oil, sesame oil, bhringraj, hibiscus, amla, methi and castor oil.

An affordable hair mask option for those looking for a budget. Shop here.

  • Ilana Organics Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

This luxurious pre-shampoo hair mask is a simple yet nourishing blend of mango butter, apricot and argan oil that deeply moisturizes and prevent your hair from turning dry. It is a buttery hair mask that will tame frizz and also help control itching if used on the scalp due to the presence of tea tree, rosemary and sandalwood oil. 

You can get this on Amazon.

Use these hair masks at least 2-3 times in a month for best results. Make sure you are using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to get the softer, nourished hair this winter.

Which hair mask is your favourite to deeply condition your dry, frizzy hair?

best hair mask for dry frizzy hair. green beauty routine. haircare tips
best hair mask for dry frizzy hair. green beauty routine. haircare tips

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