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    Best Hair Growth Remedies For Thicker And Longer Hair

    Are you having a tough time dealing with hair loss? Want to boost hair growth and get thicker, longer hair? Looking for home remedies that actually work to boost hair growth? You are in the right place. While there are several home remedies posted on the internet ranging from egg yolks, banana and oats, few of these actually work in real life. Here are some ingredients and home remedies that are backed by evidence to help grow new hair. 


    7 Beauty Brands That Cater To All Your DIY Ingredient Needs

    Who doesn’t love DIY skincare and haircare recipes! After all, they are often cheap, effective and can be customized to fit your personal needs. The internet is full of amazing recipes for us to try. But the question that always arises is where to source those specific DIY ingredients like hydrosols, herbs, and clays to make them.

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    DIY Charcoal Mask for Face and Body.

    There are loads of charcoal peel off mask videos circulating on Instagram which are oddly satisfying to watch. Don’t you agree? But what I always wonder is, why would someone knowingly hurt their face like that! DIY charcoal mask is much safer right?