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    The Best Natural Dusting Powders In India You Need to Try.

    Happy Summers y’all! With the onset of summers, it’s time to start using dusting powders to stay sweat-free and smell fresh all day. And if you like using natural skincare, then your dusting powder has to be natural too, right? But sadly, most dusting powders in the market are made with talc. Talc is a soft, mineral-based white powder used in cosmetics for its great moisture-absorbing capabilities. However, talc can often be contaminated with asbestos, a carcinogen.

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    10 Summer Must Haves for Oily Skin

    For all the oily-skinned beauties, summers are quite the dreaded season. Because summers and breakouts go hand in hand for most of us, including me. It is just the beginning of summer and my skin has already started misbehaving. I just recovered from a bout of breakouts and will have to be on alert for the next few months trying to keep my skin oil-free. Taking care of oily skin during summers can be tricky but it’s not impossible to avoid breakouts. But with the help of these must have essential products, I am able to manage my oily skin through the summers. 10 Must Have Summer Essentials for Oily…