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9 Ways to Use Up Beauty Products You Didn’t Like

Last Updated on August 7, 2020

If you are a skincare addict like me, you may end up experimenting a lot and rarely use up beauty products before they expire. Your dressing table may be overflowed by half-used products taking up unnecessary space. So you may often wonder how to use up beauty products before they expire.

From time to time, we all come across products that don’t deliver or simply don’t match our expectations. Or perhaps you could be planning to switch to Clean Beauty brands like me and want to get rid of your old drugstore products soon.

But throwing them away is not an option. Not only are these beauty products expensive, they are made using precious resources.

Fret not! Because I have listed out different methods on how to use up beauty products and get your money’s worth out of them.

How To Use Up Your Beauty Products Faster

1. Hairspray

Wanted to replicate a hairstyle you saw on YouTube so you purchased a hairspray but never used it again? Or maybe you have a hairspray that turned your hair all stiff?

Great! You can use it to tame and style your eyebrows. Spray some on a spoolie brush or an old mascara wand and brush out your eyebrows after filling them in. The eyebrows will stay secure and in shape all day long. No need to buy a special eyebrow gel! *happy dance*

You can also spray some hairspray on your bobby pins before using them, the stickiness from the spray secures the grip of bobby pins on your hair.

2. Face creams/ Moisturizers

If you have moisturizers or face creams that break you out or are too greasy, try using them on the rest of your body. You can use them as hand and foot creams too.

Even sunscreen for your face can be used up as body sunscreen if they leave a white cast or break you out.

3. Blush/ Bronzer

I wear a full face of makeup occasionally. Hence, I own only a single blush at any point of time which mostly goes waste. Also, I am not keen on heavy makeup so I double up the blush as eyeshadow shade.

It results in a great monotone makeup look. You can also use it as a transition shade before applying your eyeshadow of choice.

4. Mascara

We all know that mascara can be used only for 6 months after opening due to the bacterial growth. But most of them dry up within 2-3 months of opening the tube.

So double it up as an eyeliner. Dip an eyeliner brush into the tube and apply it just like your regular eyeliner.

5. Lipsticks

Have a lipstick that transfers a lot or simply can’t be worn every day? Melt it along with your lip balm and turn it into your own DIY tinted lip balm.

You can also use them up as cheek tints instead of buying separate blush shades. Mix your lipstick with a moisturizer to turn into a creme blush

use up beauty products
Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

6. Foundation

Foundations often come in huge bottles that never finish up until you use them like every day. So mix it with your moisturizer.

This converts it into a tinted moisturizer that you can wear every day. Since most BB/CC creams have a limited shade range, you can turn a foundation in your shade to a BB cream easily.

7. Facial Scrub/Masks

Use up all your unused face masks or scrubs to exfoliate your hands and feet. Because body scrubs don’t come cheap girl! And the rest of your body needs some pampering too.

8. Shampoo/Facewash

Want to finish up a sulfate shampoo/face wash soon? Use it to clean up your makeup brushes.

Its gentler than the dishwashing liquid and will also preserve your brushes for longer. You can also use it as a body wash and use it up faster.

9. Conditioner

Use a conditioner before shaving instead of shaving cream. It gives a smoother shave and is a great, cheap and last-minute substitute for shaving foams. In general, you can use any conditioner/oil instead of buying a separate shaving cream/foam and save money.

All these hacks will help you save money and avoid wastage of products. Do you use any such hacks to use up beauty products? Comment below and share it with us.

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use up beauty products

Rutu Desai is a seasoned beauty writer and expert with over five years of experience working with beauty brands across the globe. With an aim to help people look and feel confident, Rutu shares her expert insights and tips to achieve healthy skin and hair.


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