Love Organically Anti-Acne Organic Face Pack Review

love organically anti acne face pack

My skincare routine is incomplete without a good clay-based face mask. So every once in a while I lookout for new options and this time my eyes landed on the Love Organically Anti-Acne Neem Face Pack.

What attracted me to this face mask was the inclusion of zinc oxide and calamine powder. Both are known to work well in controlling itchiness that comes along with acne. 

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The Best Activated Charcoal Face Masks to Detox Your Skin

activated charcoal face mask for detox

Did you know activated charcoal has been used since centuries to treat poisoning? It has an ability to absorb toxic substances and thus become a widely used beauty remedy to detoxify the skin.

But Why Does Our Skin Need A Detox?

Our skin comes in contact with a lot of toxic fumes and substances these days due to pollution and smoking. This can damage healthy cells in the skin and compromise the skin’s protective barrier function. 

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