9 Ways to use up Beauty Products faster.

how to use up products
If you are a skincare addict like me, you may be experimenting a lot and rarely use up beauty products before they expire. And from time to time, you come across a product which didn’t work, or simply didn’t match your expectations. Or you could be planning to switch to Clean Beauty like me and want to get rid of your old drugstore products soon.
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Clean Beauty Swap II : Switching to Safer Haircare Options

Last week I shared all the clean skincare swaps I made in this post here. And as promised, I am back with all the clean haircare swaps I have made in my routine. The haircare swap has been fairly easier than the skincare swap since I have a fairly minimalist routine and don’t use many products or heat style them. Yet, this post will guide you in replacing your basic hair care products with safer alternatives.
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Why use an oil for oily skin + Grapeseed oil review

grapeseed oil for oily skin
By now you may have already read about the benefits of using oils as moisturizers. Oils are gaining the momentum in skincare with cleansing oils, facial oil blends etc. At first, when I read such articles, I was like why should I add oil to my already oily face? Wouldn’t it just make it greasier? What if it leads more acne?
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