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Clean Beauty Swap: Safe Skincare Alternatives

Last Updated on July 21, 2020

When I wrote an article on why everyone should be joining the clean beauty movement, one of the readers requested to share alternatives to basic everyday products like soaps, moisturizers etc. So I decided to share my clean beauty swap to show how I replaced all the products in my routine with better alternatives.

I have divided this clean beauty swap series into two parts- one for skincare and another one for haircare routine. I will share all the products I used before switching to clean beauty, along with the products I swapped them with.

Hopefully. this will serve as a guide to how you can switch to cleaner alternatives with some effort and time.

clean beauty swap

1. Cleanser

My first clean beauty swap was switching to a sulphate free cleanser. I was using the Clean and Clear and Himalaya Neem Facewash (not pictured above) and wanted to replace it with a face wash that was cheap, yet cleansed well.

So picked up the Aroma Magic Neem and Tree facewash and it was amazing. I used up two tubes of it before changing to Rustic Art Neem and Basil Facewash (I am instantly attracted to any cleanser with neem in it).

I am currently loving powder cleansers which I think are amazing and cheap too.

clean beauty swap

2. Moisturizer

An issue I was struggling with the most was finding a good moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin greasier than it already is. I have used Lacto calamine and Neutrogena Oil-free moisturizer (a huge dud!).

So switching to Aroma Magic Juniper Berry Moisturizer a huge relief. It was cheap, hydrated my skin well and didn’t make it greasy at all. Another good option is Soultree Tulsi and Sandalwood Moisturizer.

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clean beauty swap

3. Exfoliant

I introduced exfoliation in my skincare routine with homemade scrubs but switched to ready formulations as I grew lazy to prepare them. I have used Himalaya Herbals Neem Scrub, Everyuth walnut scrub and the Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub( which is an absolute waste of money).

After switching to clean beauty, I purchased the Biotique Papaya Tan removal scrub which de-tans and exfoliates very well. But after finding out the ingredient list is complete I have moved to other scrubs (Love the Ubtan India Detan Scrub) and even chemical exfoliants now.

clean beauty swap

4. Face Mask

I always prefer making homemade facemasks with clays and other kitchen ingredients but always have a store-bought one as a backup, for when I feel too lazy to whip them up.

I had the Himalaya Neem Face mask earlier and I am back to homemade ones after switching to clean beauty. But I like this Green Clay Mask from Skincare Villa which is quite decent for oily skin.

clean beauty swap

5. Spot Treatment.

I wanted to switch the OTC spot treatment I was using for my pimples too. (Talk to your dermat first). I had Neem Oil at my home already so tried that instead. And it actually works better and faster even on the angriest, painful pimples.

clean beauty swap

6. Body lotion

Most drugstore body lotions like the Vaseline ones are made with mineral oils and paraffin. So I switched to the Aroma Magic Honey and Shea Butter body lotion which is made with coconut oil derivative, shea butter, honey etc. Its affordable, lightweight and nourishing, perfect for all seasons.

clean beauty swap

7. Sunscreen

Another tough challenge, to find a sunscreen with clean ingredients that perform well. I have used tubes after tubes of the Lotus Herbals UV screen Gel which was perfect for my oily skin and was sad to let it go.

I purchased the Aroma Magic Sunblock lotion SPF 30 but is tend to pill on the skin. I am using the Mamaearth Ultra-Light Sunscreen SPF 50.

It took me around 6 months to finally make these swaps possible as I didn’t want to throw away everything overnight. Instead, I waited for the products to get over and replaced them with cleaner products.

Similarly, you too can make the clean beauty swap one product at a time. Read my haircare swaps in the next post.

Have you made the switch to clean beauty yet? If not, give it a thought and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Clean beauty alternatives for skincare products

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