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    Eco-friendly Cotton Buds Alternatives in India

    Everyone is talking about plastic pollution these days. And rightly so, the amount of plastic waste generated and accumulating in the environment is at alarmingly high levels. You may have already heard about this all and hence I won’t lecture you on the same.

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    Clean Beauty

    Clean Beauty Swap: Safe Skincare Alternatives

    When I wrote an article on why everyone should be joining the clean beauty movement, one of the readers requested to share alternatives to basic everyday products like soaps, moisturizers etc. So I decided to share my clean beauty swap to show how I replaced all the products in my routine with better alternatives.

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    Toxic Chemicals in Beauty Products And Their Alternatives.

    The beauty industry is highly unregulated, enabling the brands to do almost anything they want – using known carcinogens and other toxic chemicals in beauty products, incomplete ingredients lists, misleading labels, false claims and so much more. The only way to safeguard our health and environment is learning what goes into our products and avoiding the bad stuff. I have listed the most commonly used toxic chemicals in personal care products below to help you make a decision and take a step towards clean beauty.

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    Everything About The Clean Beauty Movement in India

    I read an article about the Clean Beauty movement taking over the beauty industry in the west a few months ago. And a little research later, I was convinced to replace my most trusted products for good. Now I am not really a follower of beauty or fashion trends. The world has been going crazy with sheet masks and the 10 step K-beauty skincare. Yet I stood loyal to my homemade face packs for the great wonders it has done to my skin. But I was determined to try out clean beauty movement as it actually made sense to me.